Acronis True Image Online Review

Acronis has been know for years in the computer industries as a leader in the data backup and storage. Their Acronis True Image software has been trusted by business and home users for years. Now, they have expanded their backup services to include online storage and backups. The Acronis True Image Online software will allow you to safely backup up to 5 computers, and you will be able to select the entire drive, or individual files. This software will backup even the operating system you are using. For businesses and users that need more than just the 250 GB supplied with the standard account, there are other options, and the True Image Online integrates seamlessly with any other Acronis software you may be using.

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Acronis True Image Online Pricing / Plans / Coupons

They have 2 types of accounts for your use, a Home/Home Office, and a Business account. The Home account is a little limited, but the business account has 3 options. Here’s how the accounts work:

  • Home/Home Office – $4.95 monthly, or $49.50 annually. You will get the Acronis True Image Online software, and 250 GB storage. 5 computers can work off from this single account.
  • Business “Workstation” – $49.99 yearly. This will give you 250 GB of storage, all the Business account privileges.
  • Business “Server” – $499.99 annually. You will have access to 1 TB of storage, and the Business account privileges.
  • Business “Virtual Machines” – $1.199 annually, and you will have access to 1 TB of storage, and all the Business account features.

For their Business account holders there are a few additional features:

  • Large scale recovery and seeding services, via a shipped USB HDD.
  • Bare metal restore.
  • Agentless backup – If you are using VMWares integrated backup.

Acronis True Image Online Free Trial

They do have a free trial so you can test drive their services and software. They will give you 250 GB of storage for 30 days. You will be afforded all the access, features, and functions without any limitations, or credit card needed. After registering you will receive a confirmation email, that will take you to a page where you will need to activate your free account. Be careful here, it can be confusing.

Acronis True Image Online Client Details / Top Features

  • Multiple PC’s supported.
  • Security assured using 256 bit encryption during transfer.
  • Incremental backups to reduce the bandwidth used.
  • Versions of old files are kept for up to 45 days.
  • CPU and bandwidth limiters integrated.
  • Scheduling is supported.
  • Access to files can be via web interface or through the client.
  • Integrates extremely well with other Acronis software products.

Acronis True Image Online Product Installation

Windows PC’s are the only types supported at this time. The download was rather large for this type of software, 35.4 MB, but after downloading a simple click will have the client installed quickly. Once the installation is finished, you will have to start the program, (no auto-start from the Install Wizard,) and set up your preferences, like which files to back up, (default set is only your “My Documents” folder,) speed, and amount of CPU attention the backups are getting. If you have any other Acronis products like their True Image software, now is the time to set these up to interact with your True Image Online client.

Acronis True Image Online Backup Process Overview

In the beginning you will be able to start the backup upload immediately, this could take a while depending on the size of the files you are uploading, and the limitations you place on the CPU and bandwidth. After the initial backup, updating is done incrementally, meaning only the files that have changed since the last backup will be uploaded to their server. If a file is backed up with the wrong information, or is corrupted, they maintain older versions of the file for up to 45 days for you to retrieve.

Acronis True Image Online Restore Process Overview

Restoring is a fairly easy affair. Possible through their web interface or through their client. In the client you simply select on the Restore tab, then choose the files you need, then choose the place you want the client to download them to. From the internet the restoration process is just as easy, the files will come as a Zipped archive though. It is notable though, that files downloaded through the client will not be able to be downloaded to the exact location they came from…handy in some cases, not so handy in others.

Acronis True Image Online Sharing Capabilities

Acronis has left the sharing, syncing, photo galleries and albums, and collaborative functions out of this service. The only sharing you can do is the account can support up to 5 computers.

Acronis True Image Online Privacy / Data Protection

Encryption is provided for in the client, but you will have to look for it. After logging in, you will see a link saying “Use Encryption for Enhanced Protection.” When you click on this you will be asked for a key and to name the computer. Once this is done, encryption will be enabled. Unlike other clients that have encryption enabled from the beginning, Acronis makes this a little confusing for the average user. Once encryption is activated though, your files will be encrypted before they leave your location, uploaded using 256 bit tunneling, and stored on their servers in their original encrypted form.

Acronis True Image Online Support Options

With Acronis the support options almost never end. They have an extensive Knowledge base, documentation, user forums, and a customer handbook. Paying customers also have the option of email, live chat and phone support, though the phone support comes at a cost of $9.95. (Though we suspect that if a Free Account holder called, and paid the $9.95…)

Acronis True Image Online Common Problems

Looking in their forums, there weren’t many problems that seemed to be recurring on a frequent basis. Another commendable thing is that there were very few questions that didn’t already have replies, and when we looked at these close, we found them to be fairly new questions. From the forums there are also additional FAQ’s and other tutorials to be found also.

Acronis True Image Online vs. The Competition

When compared to iDrive, Mozy, Backblaze, and other of the larger offerings, Acronis True Image Online offers one of the better trial offers, and the prices are very competitive. Features in Acronis leave a little to be desired when it comes to sharing, and collaboration with others though. And some of the other guys will allow photo galleries and albums. For storage, the prices are competitive, though if you have a lot of stuff to backup, you may want a service with unlimited plans available.

Acronis True Image Online Company Information

Acronis is one of the oldest companies that specialized in computer backup, so where this is concerned, they have it down. Their award winning Acronis True Image backup solution has been lauded worldwide and even used by some governmental agencies.

Our Conclusion On Acronis True Image Online

A great reputation doesn’t always make for a great new offering…but in this case this isn’t totally true. For a simple backup solution for the average Home or small office solution, this could be the thing you need. But if syncing, file sharing, photo galleries, and other features are the thing you will be needing then look elsewhere.

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