BackBlaze Online Backup Review

A small company that strives harder to keep their customers satisfied. They offer unlimited storage space, external drive support, and plenty of encryption. They allow external drive backups, and USB backup also.

Backblaze Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Backblaze plans start as low as $3.95 per month, one of the lowest prices that we have found yet. But, their pricing on additional computers, and business backup was oddly absent from their website. The basic account will allow you one computer or device with unlimited amounts of space for your pleasure.

Backblaze Free Trial

They do have a free trial version of their client. We experienced a little problem downloading the
installer, but eventually got it. (Could have been our connection.)

Backblaze Client Details / Top Features

The very first thing we noticed on their website was Backblaze’s ability to locate lost or stolen computers through the use of global positioning. A very handy feature to assist you in restoring your files and photos. The interface client will allow you to select the files to be backed up, set the speed of the file upload, and schedule uploads for low usage times. Restoring or retrieving your files is easily done through their web portal or client also.

Backblaze Product Installation

Although we didn’t have a very good connection available during the download, we did manage to get a complete 2.6 MB installer downloaded. Once started the instlallation was a little slow, even for this little Toshiba, but went according to plan. Once the install is finished you will be asked to log into or create an account, then you will get to the screen that allows you to select your preferences.

Backblaze Backup Process Overview

The backup process is fairly simple and completely automatic, if you wish it to be. Speed is completely controllable, and the default backup set included in the client is great and will leave nothing behind if you work according to the Windows defaults. But since no one does, file selection is easy, too.

Backblaze Restore Process Overview

Restoring is the same as many other clients, just pick the file you want to restore, and click restore. You can select between individual files or the entire backup set. For your convenience, and those rare instances of having no connection, they have the option of having a disc sent right to your house, or you can optionally use an attached drive or USB stick to download the zip files.

Backblaze Sharing Capabilities

Because of their pay by computer usage fees, and no capacity limits, they don’t allow file sharing except in the cases of business, where the files can be transferred via the web from one machine to another.

Backblaze Privacy / Data Protection

Their data center is secured both physically and electronically. Access to the physical unit is also controlled. The client generates a public/private 2048 bit RSA key for the backup files you create. When the data is then transferred to their data center, 128 bit encryption through an SSL connection is used. Then for storage the files will be re-encrypted to a 128 bit AES key.

Backblaze Support Options

There is an extensive FAQ that answered almost every question we had on their help desk. The KB is quite extensive. If this isn’t able to help you solve your problem, then they have a system to submit a request.

Backblaze Common Problems

Our biggest problem was with the downloads, and there again, this may have been due to our connection dropping in and out. Once this was handled, the installer was very slow, even considering the processes we had running at the time, but other than that everything went fine. Once installed the client then went right to backing up our files once we created an account with the Backblaze website.

Backblaze Versus The Competition

Although the pricing tiers aren’t really defined on their website, the $3.95 plan is the cheapest we have found yet for an unlimited plan. As far as the software goes, they can be happy, they get an excellent from us. Others may supply more, but very few supply better.

Backblaze Company Information

4 guys got together and formed this company using their combined experience in IT and business management to create Backblaze. The combined development, management, and deployment experience makes this a company to look to in the near future.

Backblaze Product Conclusion

While the client itself isn’t remarkable, outside of the options that many clients don’t have, the ability that the program has to locate lost and stolen computers is. For this reason alone we would recommend using this service. But, with the pricing as low as it is, there is a lot of incentive to look into these guys.