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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Review

Here at BackupReviewz we have maintained focus on how to keep from losing precious data to disaster through the use of frequent backups. Often the back-up service is an online venue where you can store and recover these important files. But, this review is of software designed to recover data after it is lost, whether […]

UpdateStar Online Backup 3 Review

UpdateStar is a company that promises to “Simplify Your Software Life, so we thought we would see how easy they make it to back up our system. The client, Online Backup 3, provides the user with security before, during, and after the files are transferred, using what they call Hybrid Protection. File compression is supported […]

Acronis True Image Online Review

Acronis has been know for years in the computer industries as a leader in the data backup and storage. Their Acronis True Image software has been trusted by business and home users for years. Now, they have expanded their backup services to include online storage and backups. The Acronis True Image Online software will allow […]

SpiderOak Review

SpiderOak provides a 2 GB free online backup/sharing/syncing service facilitated through their software. They will allow you to backup several computers, maintain versions for as long as you want them, and are internet accessible. Sharing is easily done using their software, though many complain that it is without passwords. In spite of this apparent lack, […]

Norton Online Backup Review

Norton Online Backup has been called by many the “Online backup in a box.” They offer a rock solid security policy, automated backups, and a lot of support for those that have any of the few problems that always seems to pop up with these kinds of software. The software works on any PC or […]

SafeSync Online Storage Review

Trend Micro, a company providing anti-virus and security solutions for both home and business, has merged with SafeSync, to provide customers with a safe, reliable, and highly versatile backup and file syncing solution. If you want to back up an entire HDD, networked drive, or just a couple of files with special pics, they are […]

Dropbox Review

Dropbox is a combination Backup/Syncing/Sharing service that is software based. The file backups are done incrementally, and versions are maintained, in case there is a mess up somewhere in the mix. Sharing of individual files, folders, or the entire dropbox is allowed, and security is provided for using the same standards that most large financial […]

ZipCloud Online Storage Review

This is a simple back-up and storage solution for all types of computers and devices. Anything from Mac’s, PC’s, and even mobile devices can be backed up. They offer secure file transfers, complete automation so you won’t have to mess with it after the initial set up, and unlimited cloud storage for any number, or […]

Penny Backup Online Storage Review

Penny Backup is an online backup and storage service set up for individuals and small business. Their parent company, Storage Guardian, provides large corporations with online storage, backup, and other cloud solutions. Having a parent company as focused on storage and security as SG is PB has a lot of security, and the client they […]

Egnyte Online Storage Review

Egnyte is an online cloud file server system that has powerful features that addresses many small and medium business needs. Their unique Hybrid Cloud storage solution can help you coordinate, sync, access, backup, and share your data easily. You will be able to assign individual access levels to users, and it is possible to have […]