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Best Free Online Backup Services

There are a few options for free online backup services that range from limited space backups like 2 or 3 GBs for example to two week unlimited free trial periods.

Use this page to get more informed about your free online backup service options.

Here are our top 4 Online Backup and Storage Providers with free space, free trial or money back offers.

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Free accounts are an important part of the process when you are investigating online backup options and while some services offer them, others don’t.   While you can get a lot of mileage out of free online backup accounts its important to realize the function of these services.

These free online backup services / accounts function as a way to get your interested in the various providers and although ultimately you don’t get a lot of space – 2 GB or 3 GBs nonetheless you can get some level of free backup service for just trying their service

Free Trial Periods

Another way companies like to promote their services is via a free trial period where you have access to more storage space. This serves a purpose also if you will be looking to purchase an online backup service soon but doesn’t actually serve the process of having free online backup space.


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