Best Online Backup Services

Listed first are our top 8 best online backup and storage providers for 2014 and below we have some advice about choosing a online storage service provider and then a online storage service comparison chart which includes all providers.

Best Online Storage Service Provider 2014 – Top 8 List

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Listed above are the top online backup service providers for  2011. This is our premium online storage provider list and we only mention the best of the best here so definitely choose one of the twelve listed.

BackupReviewz Top Special Offers – Monthly Pricing

Take advantage our out top special offers

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BackupReviewz Long Term Contract Discounts

We normally recommend monthly pricing because online storage / backup providers are always changing, competing and offering new services. That said, if you are comfortable signing up for a year, then be sure to take advantage of these special discounts.

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Top 12 Best Online Backup Providers 2011

Below we can find  more expanded listing and review of the top online storage providers.
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Online Storage Provider Comparison – Compare Online Backup Providers

Please note, we only list the best in the industry and we don’t bother with any online storage & backup services that we don’t feel are at least a decent quality. There are many online backup service providers and in some cases there can be some level of  online backup for free but we only bother with the top premium online backup service providers.

Factors when Choosing a Premium  Online Backup Provider

  • Price – This should be obvious but $5 has different meanings for different people.  Expect to pay around $5 minimum for good online backup service. Assuming that you will be able to restore your files easily mostly what you are basing your decision on is the amount of backup space that you can get for a dollar. A very important question is essentially — how much online storage capacity can you get per dollar?
  • Speed –  In most normal cases,  when you choose a online storage service provider.  We are looking for consistent speed and not just burst speed so reall the best way to so back up a few GB’s and see how fast your online storage works.
  • Capacity – Some online storage providers will cap the amount of storage space that you can use. Some providers have unlimited plans but limit upload speeds and limit the amount of computers that you can install the software on.  Take a look at this page for a quick summary also be sure to read the individual review before you buy.
  • Restore Methods –  When you choose a online storage service provider, in most cases you want to go with a service provider that offers a variety of backup restoration methods. Nothing is more painful then needing a backup or a file fast only to find that you are only able to get your files is by having to slowly restore 100 Gigabytes of data. None of our best online backup providers mentioned have this defect and while we also use this as the extreme nonetheless you will get the idea that being able to quickly access your files is important.
  • Customers Service -Even if you are very technical losing all your data can make you desperate and feeling the need for immediate technical assistance. The various online backup companies differ in their varying levels of customer service. Important in evaluating customer service apart from immediate considerations like a phone number, email tickets, rapid replies, etc is to evaluate the FAQ, Knowledgebase and Video tutorials that are available and can be an indicator of the the quality of the service offering.
  • Free Trial – Free online storage trial accounts allow you to check out online storage service and see if they are right for you.  Most of our top providers have free online storage trial plans so you can confirm if the service is good or not.  We help you make your decision also by reviewing the facts and offering video reviews for our top 8 online storage providers
  • File Sharing –  File sharing, Facebook, etc have all become more popular with the growth of online social networking activity. Some online service providers encourage and make the sharing of photos easy whereas other online backup service providers make photo sharing more of a difficult process.
  • Alternative Backup Methods –  In some cases it may be important to have the capability to mail in a DVD or be able to backup your data to a local USB connected portable hard drive. Depending on the online storage provider that you choose these varying capability maybe available.
  • Data Import From Other Services – Say you decided to switch from Mozy to  My PC Backup as you wanted to save $5/ month and have unlimited backups. Wouldn’t it be nice to switch from one cloud source to another since your data is already in the ‘clouds’
  • Simple Interface –  I believe a simple interface is probably desired in most cases however if you are very techy then you may want full control of your computer.
  • Multiple Accounts  Capability – This relates to pricing but in some cases you can share your online backup service with various computer on your home network.

All online storage Providers

This is a list of all online storage providers. That is, all the ones that we know about.  While we recommend you choose among our top best providers, we want to list all of the online storage providers on the market for reference.

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