JustCloud Online Backup Review

JustCloud is an online back-up and storage solution that promises security, unlimited amounts of storage, and automation to the point of “Set it and forget it.” They offer secured file transfers in both directions, secured storage, and multiple redundant and geographically diverse backup locations so you won’t lose access to any of your files.

It’s possible to access your files from anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection, and there isn’t a file size limitation, unless you are operating on their free account, which we will give you more detail about later in this article. They have support for mobile devices, like Android, and iPhones, and the client the give you to do all this is an easy to use, full featured program that is highly configurable.

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JustCloud Pricing / Plans / Coupons

There are three ways to pay, monthly, semi-annual, and annual.

  • For one months unlimited online storage the price is $9.95
  • 6 months is $6.96 per month
  • 12 months of unlimited storage it’s only $71.40, or a minimal $5.95 per month. That’s 40% off.

Signing up for their service is fast and they accept most every major form of plastic and Paypal. They have a 30 day no quibble refund policy, if you are dissatisfied at any point you just have to request that your account be canceled, and you will get a refund promptly.

JustCloud Free Trial

They offer their potential customers a 14 day free trial which will allow you to store up to 15 MB of data. We realize that this isn’t much, but it is enough to let you evaluate their system and client. With the free account the only feature/function limitations are the time limit and total storage amount.

JustCloud Client Details/Top Features

Presently they only support Windows XP and newer, Mac OSX, and almost every mobile device produced today. The download is small, only a little over 9 MB, and after installing the client and undertaking several other tasks you will be given an additional 100 MB of storage space. Installation is easy, the installer will start automatically once the download is completed. Here are a few of the major highlights of JustCloud:

  • Backup during Idle time or power saver mode supported and configurable.
  • Private folder sharing using special secured links.
  • Scheduling is advanced, supports skipping days and specific days for backup.
  • Drag and drop backing, and queuing can be controlled for this function also.
  • A referral program unlike nay other backup company.

Once installation is complete, you will be able to use the client to specify the files you would like to be backed up. The default set included most every file we would like to have backed up, but if your system is very busy, there may not be enough space to back up everything you need, initially. We didn’t want to overload our free trial account limits, so we selected specific test files to keep on their servers. Once the selection process was finished, the client slipped into the background and offered no interference while we surfed the internet and the client uploaded the files.

JustCloud Backup Process Overview

When backing up for the first time, your uploading could take several days or as long as a week, but after this the upload process is quite quick, and won’t slow you down any.Back-ups are done using a versioning system. This is where the files are uploaded in their entirety only once. After this your files will be monitored by the client for changes. If a change is detected, then only the file that was modified will be uploaded, and even then, only the changes in the file. Since they support incremental backups, they will keep old versions of your files until you delete them.

JustCloud Restore Process Overview

Restoring lost or damaged files is a fairly simple matter also. The easiest way we found was to go to their website, log in, select the “View my backed up files” from the menu on the right. Once you find the file you need, just click on it and the download process will begin automatically. Be sure to select the correct version of the file you are replacing, as there may be several file versions. If you decide to upgrade, your free account will be transferred. Alternatively, if you decide not to upgrade, or cancel your account, they will give you a grace period to get the files back, if you need to.

JustCloud Sharing Capabilities

Syncing functions are easily accomplished. You can either drag and drop, or alternatively, right click, select Just Cloud from the menu, then pick “Copy To Sync Folder.” That file will then be taken care of and monitored for any changes. After the upload process has finished, you will be able to get your file from any computer, anywhere in the world. If you want to share your files, or a single file, you will be able to use Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail by a right click, select “Share” and post, (or send,) your link.

JustCloud Privacy / Data Protection

During transfer, either upload, or download, all your data is secure using 256 bit SSL, as good as the industry can provide, and in their data centers it will also be encrypted using the same type of 256 bit encryption the government uses. Security against data loss, and hardware failures is insured with several mirrors, all of their servers are monitored 24/7/365, too.

JustCloud In Action Photo Gallery

JustCloud Support Options

Their support come in the form of FAQ’s, an extensive online knowledge base, and support tickets. According to the reviews coming from their customers, they are fast with the support tickets if you can’t find the answer you need from their other options. On their website though, they are preparing to add video tutorials, but haven’t done it yet.

JustCloud Common Problems

We found that the largest single complaint is that the initial back-up takes so long. There is a good reason for this, too. The files that are most commonly selected by users, (the default set when the client is installed,) are many, and the upload is quite large…if the back-up is to be effective. Aside from this problem, we found no other real issues.

JustCloud vs. The Competition

When compared to other services offering like or similar packages, these guys are competitive. The service and support is as good as, (if not better,) than larger providers like Carbonite, MYPCBackup, or Storagepipe. We were particularly impressed with their support system, one of the best KB’s we have seen.

Our Conclusion On JustCloud

Our experience with Just Cloud was excellent. From the first moment, to downloading the client, all the way to retrieving the backed up files. We were disappointed that we didn’t have any kind of mobile device to access the site and test it on this level, but judging from the rest of our experience, they have it together. We recommend that you at least give these guys a run on their free trial, it doesn’t require a Credit Card, only an e-mail, and confirmation.

IBackup Online Backup Review

This online storage and backup company has been in existence since 1990, though they started out as a consulting firm. Their suite of software was developed with ease of use backup, storage, and syncing in mind. They have several clients and services they offer, but storage and backup seems to be their main forte.

IBackup Pricing / Plans / Coupons

They have no defined home and business user accounts, but their pricing tiers go from 10 GB for $9.95 per month all the way up to 300 GB per month for $299.95 per month. You can save a lot if you pay be the year, and for a short time they are offering a 5x bonus on new accounts and upgrades to existing accounts. This means that for the same $9.95 p/mo, you will have access to at least 50 GB of storage. There are no limitations on the number of computers you backup, too.

IBackup Free Trial

There may be a free trial period, but we couldn’t find it. Sign up requires a credit card or bank account information, also.

IBackup Client Details / Top Features

The client is compatible with almost any system on the market today, Windows, Linux, and Mac are all covered. They also have mobile applications for almost every device on the market today, and from their website a developer can get the API’s necessary to create new and innovative applications for their device. Transfers are generally faster than most any other client on the market, versions and dating are available for the last 30 backups you have made. Scheduling is supported, too. Throttling is possible from within the client, and transfers are compressed to reduce the size.

IBackup Product Installation

Installation is simple after the download, and you will be asked if you want to create an encryption key or let the client do it. After that you will be able to select files to be backedup, or schedule. Immediate backups are possible, and pause/resume is supported.

IBackup Backup Process Overview

The backup process is painless and simple. Just select the files you want backed up, or drag and drop them into the client, select the time, ot if it’s immediate, set the speed you want the upload to happen at, then click backup.

IBackup Restore Process Overview

Restoring your files is as simple as drag and drop, which is also supported. From the restore screen you will be able to pick the files you want to restore, or all of them. Versions and dating is also supported in the client and on the web portal.

IBackup Sharing Capabilities

It’s possible to share with Ibackup. Just log into the website through their portal from any device you have, then select the files you want to share, then click the share button. You will be asked for a share user email address,. This person will get an email link and password to use to get to the shared files.

IBackup Privacy / Data Protection

Physical security is provided for as well as securing your data at their data centers. Transferring and storage is handled using industry standard 256 bit encryption and SSL for the transfer. There are several data centers that they use, and all are secured, and protected against the likes of mother nature, and the occasional hardware disaster.

IBackup Support Options

Ibackup support comes in the guise of toll free numbers, email, and support requests that can be filled out from their website. On their website you will also find a lot of useful FAQ’s and video tutorials if you are having problems with the installation or operation of the client.

IBackup Common Problems

We scoured the internet for unhappy customers, and people that had issues with their client software or web portal…we found none.

IBackup Versus The Competition

The guys over at Carbonite and SOS scramble every time this company makes an upgrade, or offers a new discount. The pricing and service compared to other backup services is pretty good too. They claim that, for Windows users, the backup process is up to 30% faster than their best competition, but we haven’t experienced that much of an increase in performance.

IBackup Company Information

Originally starting out as a consultant firm, they had very little problem breaking into the field of backup and online storage. They have the distinction of having over 70 million backups in a 15 petabyte database on their servers.

IBackup Product Conclusion

While we couldn’t try out the full monte of service they have to offer, they are comparable to their nearest competitor in terms of price, storage caps, and ease of use. A trial offer would be a nice addition for the company that would bring many more customers to their store than they realize though. If you are shopping around for storage and backup solutions though, we recommend that you take a long hard look at these guys.

KeepIt Online Backup Review

Keepit is a relatively new company, starting out in Denmark in 2008 with a television campaign, they have moved onward and upward ever since. It is their goal to keep your data safe from hackers, electronic corruption, and natural disasters. They strive to make security concerns, and data loss a thing of the past.

KeepIt Online Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Their home plan costs around $7.75 per month and you get unlimited backups for your convenience. The plan only provides for you to pay 1 year at a time, but if you purchase 2 years, you will get 2 months free. The pro desktop version for business will cost around $14.95 per month, with the same subscription conditions applying. They do provide for an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, also.

KeepIt Online Free Trial

They have a 30 day trial that includes all the features that you will get with your chosen installation. The trial will allow a user to backup as many as 3 desktops and 2 servers after installing their client. Upgrading to the full version is easily done at any time from inside the client, but the free version doesn’t require the transmission of any financial data, i.e. credit cards or bank account numbers.

KeepIt Online Client Details / Top Features

Although there are lots of features to their web interface, there are surprisingly few in the desktop client. In the client we could only find settings for the files to select to back up, there wasn’t any speed controls, or security settings. There was a window to show status of your backups, a restore tab that helps to get your files back when they are lost, and a tab to change the user. We really would have liked it if we could have at least controlled the backup upload speeds, and a few other small settings.

KeepIt Online Product Installation

The installer was only 9.3 MB so the client downloaded in just a few minutes. There are installations available for Windows XP and newer, and a client for intel based Mac’s. A Linux version is in the works now, but still is in testing. The installation went just as quickly and painlessly, and once the client opened up a username/password request was given. Once we logged into he client and had been verified via the internet, the web portal was opened up. There are a few more settings in the web protal, but for the most part the backup processes are automatic.

KeepIt Online Backup Process Overview

The default set of files the client will back up is as complete as any person could want, excepting us. We tinkered with the file selection a bit and found it easy to select any or all of the files on your computer for backup. The initial backup upload wasn’t too hoggish on our bandwidth, but then again, this is one of the things we like to tweak.

KeepIt Online Restore Process Overview

For their restore process they maintain a full set of archived files for you. This means you can restore any file, to any version, or date, for as far back as 60 days. You will also be able to restore individual files, as well as the entire set. And, since the backup client is on auto-pilot, there will be no “I forgot to backup the server” issues.

KeepIt Online Sharing Capabilities

The client has no sharing capabilities. The same holds true for their web portal, unless you count the 5 computers you can register on the same account.

KeepIt Online Privacy / Data Protection

Before your backup files leave your computer they will be encrypted using industry standard 256 bit encryption. Transport from your computer to the server is via 128 bit encrypted SSL. There are several data centers in separate geographic locations to insure that no natural disaster hits and destroys your data, and your files will be kept on at least two of the servers at any given time.

KeepIt Online Support Options

While their support options doesn’t include forums or live online support, there is a toll free number, lots of documentation,and plenty of How-To guides that will get you going. The client is so simple there isn’t much needed for support.

KeepIt Online Common Problems

We could find no real significant complaints on the internet about this service. We had relatively zero issues with the installation, configuration, (what little there is,) or backing up our files. Restoring backups is a fairly simple matter of point and click.

KeepIt Online Versus The Competition

There are better clients and web portals, but the program works satisfactorily, and the price is in step with their closest competition, but many others have added value in their packages, so in order to keep up with the competitors, Keepit Online are going to have to up the ante to gain potential new customers.

KeepIt Online Company Information

A relatively small company based in Copenhagen, they strive to make the complicated simple for the average person. Their first website was opened in 2006, so they have been in business fro several years supplying backup solutions for their customers.

KeepIt Online Product Conclusion

For the sheer simplicity of the client use and their web interface simplicity we would recommend this to our friends that want to KISS. For thos needing to be able to adjust your parameters to get the most out of your connection, this client has issues, no speed limiter, and proxy is difficult. The price is attractive though, and the client does do what is promised, so this is a use for comparison or to get familiar with the way backup services operate.

IDrive Online Backup Review

Idrive is one of the older companies on the internet supplying their wares. Since their inception in 1995, they have developed several ventures besides just the online storage solution, all computer and IT related. In spite of their extra duties of the other ventures, their Ibackup is the main vice.

Idrive Pricing / Plans / Coupons

They have several plans for the home user, and excellent packages for their business users. The home plans start at $4.95 per month for 150 Gb of storage for a single computer, but if you need to cover more computers, you can opt for their 500 GB plan for $14.95 per month. This will allow you to backup up to 5 computers. The business plans start out at $9.95 per month for 50 GB of storage, and their business plans allow unlimited computers to be backed up. These plans escalate up to 1000 GB for $79.95 per month. Additional storage is allowed at a cost of 50¢ per GB of use.

Idrive Free Trial

They do have a basic account that will allow you to backup up to 5 GB of data for free, just to try their service out. The account is a forever account , so those of you into the freebies like we are will like this one a lot.

Idrive Client Details / Top Features

Their service does offer apps for mobile access outside of your normal network. The client will allow you to adjust transfer speed on the fly, and the status window is clean and easy to operate. Proxies are supported, too. Scheduling is also supported, as is version and date restoring. They delete nothing until you close your account, so all of your versions for all the days you are a member will be be there for you to find on their servers.

Idrive Product Installation

The 9 MB installer was easy to find on their website, and once downloaded you will get the standard usage agreement, then will be able to select where the program is put. In order to use the web interface, (I explore,) you will have to install a plug-in, but this is only a 1.7 MB download. This program will set up a virtual drive for backups also.

Idrive Backup Process Overview

The backup process is easy to understand and file selection for your backups will be explorer-like. Transfer speeds are adjustable, as are many of the parameters in the client. Status of your backup uploading is shown in the status window and the speed of the upload can be adjusted there, on the fly. At top speed the uploads take all your bandwidth, but the transfer is quite fast.

Idrive Restore Process Overview

You will be able to restore your files from anywhere using their web portal or the iDrive platform. Here you can also manage, and change your backups. You can select from restoring the entire set, according to date or version, and you will also be able to select individual files to restore from here.

Idrive Sharing Capabilities

sharing is possible using their web portal, but only for the packages that allow more than one computer. There is also a syncing function that will work with most any mobile device via the intrnet.

Idrive Privacy / Data Protection

The Idrive client uses 128 bit SSL for th transfer of your backup, then 256 bit encryption is used for storing the data. Your special private encryption key that is generated or selected by you during the set up process isn’t stored on any of their servers, so keep this and don’t lose it.

Idrive Support Options

Support comes in the form of toll free numbers to talk to one of their team members, a feedback form in the client that is also used to report problems, or their website has a feedback form that will email the support team directly.

Idrive Common Problems

We have experienced no issues with the client or web portal at all. This is’t to say that there aren’t any problems, but with no support forum, and no way to look at the number of service tickets they have received, there is no way of telling you if there are any issues.

Idrive Versus The Competition

The closest thing to competition that the team at Idrive has is Mozy, and SugarSync, bot excellent systems and also recommended by us. The prices are comparable, and the service is also good. Where the others leave the guys at Idrive behind is in the support area, which is weak at best.

Idrive Company Information

A division of Pro Softnet Corp, Idrive started in 1995 and is one of the oldest providers in the online storage industry. Their suite of softwares are designed to compliment each other. Idrive professional, IdriveSync, and RemotePC, when combined, makes for a powerful backup and syncing solution.

Idrive Product Conclusion

For their free 5 GB access, the parameters being adjustable, the speed, and most of all the competetive pricing, we would recommend iDrive to anyone who needs this type of service. When combining their backup software with their other offerings, this company can protect a PC completely.

BackBlaze Online Backup Review

A small company that strives harder to keep their customers satisfied. They offer unlimited storage space, external drive support, and plenty of encryption. They allow external drive backups, and USB backup also.

Backblaze Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Backblaze plans start as low as $3.95 per month, one of the lowest prices that we have found yet. But, their pricing on additional computers, and business backup was oddly absent from their website. The basic account will allow you one computer or device with unlimited amounts of space for your pleasure.

Backblaze Free Trial

They do have a free trial version of their client. We experienced a little problem downloading the
installer, but eventually got it. (Could have been our connection.)

Backblaze Client Details / Top Features

The very first thing we noticed on their website was Backblaze’s ability to locate lost or stolen computers through the use of global positioning. A very handy feature to assist you in restoring your files and photos. The interface client will allow you to select the files to be backed up, set the speed of the file upload, and schedule uploads for low usage times. Restoring or retrieving your files is easily done through their web portal or client also.

Backblaze Product Installation

Although we didn’t have a very good connection available during the download, we did manage to get a complete 2.6 MB installer downloaded. Once started the instlallation was a little slow, even for this little Toshiba, but went according to plan. Once the install is finished you will be asked to log into or create an account, then you will get to the screen that allows you to select your preferences.

Backblaze Backup Process Overview

The backup process is fairly simple and completely automatic, if you wish it to be. Speed is completely controllable, and the default backup set included in the client is great and will leave nothing behind if you work according to the Windows defaults. But since no one does, file selection is easy, too.

Backblaze Restore Process Overview

Restoring is the same as many other clients, just pick the file you want to restore, and click restore. You can select between individual files or the entire backup set. For your convenience, and those rare instances of having no connection, they have the option of having a disc sent right to your house, or you can optionally use an attached drive or USB stick to download the zip files.

Backblaze Sharing Capabilities

Because of their pay by computer usage fees, and no capacity limits, they don’t allow file sharing except in the cases of business, where the files can be transferred via the web from one machine to another.

Backblaze Privacy / Data Protection

Their data center is secured both physically and electronically. Access to the physical unit is also controlled. The client generates a public/private 2048 bit RSA key for the backup files you create. When the data is then transferred to their data center, 128 bit encryption through an SSL connection is used. Then for storage the files will be re-encrypted to a 128 bit AES key.

Backblaze Support Options

There is an extensive FAQ that answered almost every question we had on their help desk. The KB is quite extensive. If this isn’t able to help you solve your problem, then they have a system to submit a request.

Backblaze Common Problems

Our biggest problem was with the downloads, and there again, this may have been due to our connection dropping in and out. Once this was handled, the installer was very slow, even considering the processes we had running at the time, but other than that everything went fine. Once installed the client then went right to backing up our files once we created an account with the Backblaze website.

Backblaze Versus The Competition

Although the pricing tiers aren’t really defined on their website, the $3.95 plan is the cheapest we have found yet for an unlimited plan. As far as the software goes, they can be happy, they get an excellent from us. Others may supply more, but very few supply better.

Backblaze Company Information

4 guys got together and formed this company using their combined experience in IT and business management to create Backblaze. The combined development, management, and deployment experience makes this a company to look to in the near future.

Backblaze Product Conclusion

While the client itself isn’t remarkable, outside of the options that many clients don’t have, the ability that the program has to locate lost and stolen computers is. For this reason alone we would recommend using this service. But, with the pricing as low as it is, there is a lot of incentive to look into these guys.

SafeCopy Online Backup Review

A small company founded by CirrusApps LLC, they have started their business recently using proprietary software and clients that have been proven globally in the industry. So far the company is aiming at the U.S. Based customer and using several methods to get them, pricing, service, and free access.

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SafeCopy Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Their pricing plans are simple, and there are two. The first one is a 200 GB plan that will cost you $50 per year. The second plan covers 300 GB of storage and will run $70 per year, simple. When you pay for 2, 3, or 4 years at one time there are 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts respectively. The onus of only being able to backup 1 computer or device for each account doesn’t exist here either. Backup and share the files all you want.

SafeCopy Free Trial

An excellent incentive to just try their service is the free 3 GB account. There aren’t any time limits or functional limits on this, use it as long as you want to, any way you want to, is what they are advertising.

SafeCopy Client Details / Top Features

The control panel is a very simple matter. It has speed limiter controls, and you can pause and resume the backup process. You have easy access to all the web interface, where you will find all your files backed up in quick order if you don’t slow the client upload speed down a bit. If you want to keep the initial process of uploading your backup files then leave it on fast, it will take full advantage of whatever connection you have available, but when you slow it down you won’t even notice it running in the background..

SafeCopy Product Installation

With only a 7 MB installer, the exe for Windows downloaded fast for us. The installation went well and there weren’t any hang-ups. At one point during the install you will be asked for email, name, etc., but no financial information, not even a credit card. Once installed the control panel opened up a web interface where we eventually saw our files stored.

SafeCopy Backup Process Overview

The initial set of files that the client will back up is a good package of the standard files, but if you store any of the pics, music, or other files anywhere else, you will have to point them out for the program, but once this is done you won’t have to repeat the action, the client will maintain a watch for the file to change, then it will back up the changes incrementally. To save on your bandwidth and storage space available.

SafeCopy Restore Process Overview

There is a tool called WebDAV to access your files and transfer them using the web interface, or you can log into your account, then find the files you need, then simply copy paste them. You will be able to archive your backups too, so restoring to a specific date or version will also be possible.

SafeCopy Sharing Capabilities

Sharing is simple for users, you can just right click a file and select the share, this can both be done from the web interface and in the client. You will be asked for the person’s email address, then a link to your shared file will be sent along with a password for access. You can also set the password to expire, either in 1 day, 1 week, or leave it unlimited. You can also give permissions for uploading and changing files.

SafeCopy Privacy / Data Protection

Uploads are done using 128 bit encryption, and stored on the servers using 448 bit encryption, the highest level of data security today. The servers are certified to be DSS compliant, and the operate under the SAS 70 Type II requirements.

SafeCopy Support Options

A client this simple, with as few options to configure as it has, has very few support tickets. There are forums, where everyone is friendly, and helpful, and tutorial videos, but the main part of the support we found lies in their email.

SafeCopy Common Problems

There were almost no posts in their troubleshooting section of the forum. A couple that had to do with installing the client on a Mac. Others noted were a connection issue, and file sharing issues.

SafeCopy Versus The Competition

If compared to the likes of Mozy, and Carbonite, the free storage wins every time. Pricing with this upstart is excellent, and while there are few support options, we have experienced very few issues with the client ourselves. If a person is looking for affordable online backup, then this is one to take a closer look at.

SafeCopy Company Information

A child of the CirrusApps LLC this company was formed by a conglomeration of IT professionals that decided to bring their collective talents to the table. Collectively they have worked on solutions for more than 4,000 organizations, and have satisfied more than 250,000 with their knowledge.

SafeCopy Product Conclusion

This is a “set it and forget it” program. Simplistic in the control, form, and function, the team at SafeCopy has built a client that while there aren’t many options available for the user, there aren’t very many needed. We recommend SafeCopy to our friends with more short term memory issues for the autopilot in the client, too.

SOS Online Backup Review

This is one of the older of the online backup companies today. Established in 2001 they have become a leading provider globally for online back up and syncing solutions. They have data centers worldwide and have managed to gain the respect and business of millions of small, medium and large businesses and IT managed services.

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SOS Online Backup Pricing / Plans / Coupons

For the home user packages start at 50 GB and cost $79.95 as a yearly fee, though with this account there isn’t a monthly payment option. The 100 GB home package will cost you $9.95 per month, but only $99.95 per year. Business owners can purchase security starting at 10 GB for $120 per year, all the way up to 250 GB for $99.95 per month. With business accounts monthly payment options start at the 50 GB tier also.

SOS Online Backup Free Trial

They do have a 14 day free trial that requires no credit cards. One other limitation of the trial is a limited (50 GB) storage space for you. In the trial software we found no other limitations.

SOS Online Backup Client Details / Top Features

Plain and straight forward. Ease of use was in the developers mind, but then with the ease of use you lose valuable configuration details that you may want to control. Speed was not configurable, but we found that there wasn’t any problem with the client being a bandwidth hog. Scheduling is possible through the client though. And though we looked for more configuration for the client, we didn’t find anything apparent. They do allow unlimited versioning in their archives, and a local backup can be set up by the client. There are also apps that allow most major mobile devices to work with the files you have backed up.

SOS Online Backup Product Installation

The client installed without any issues of any kind. Pointing it to the files we wanted to back up was easy, and scheduling was also easy, once we found out where it was. The 14 day trial is the same client as the full product, and while the uploads didn’t interfere with our bandwidth too much, the initial upload did go pretty fast.

SOS Online Backup Backup Process Overview

After the initial backup, which was pretty fast for us, backups only occur on the files that get modified between scheduled backups. Meaning that not everything gets uploaded every time, just the stuff that has changed since your last backup. This keeps the file transfers small, and quick.

SOS Online Backup Restore Process Overview

The restore process can be handled through their client or through their web console. For any number of files or all of them you will be able to select the final landing spot for the files you are restoring, too. With what they refer to as their “Time Machine” you will be able to restore files to the exact version that you need. They will archive all your files all the way back to your beginning with them.

SOS Online Backup Sharing Capabilities

Sharing is simple using their email system for access. With their system, the person you will be sharing the file or folder with will get an email giving them a link and log in information. It’s as simple as a right click of the mouse.

SOS Online Backup Privacy / Data Protection

Security happens in 3 phases with your data. First your computer will encrypt the file with 256 bit encryption, then your file id transferred while encrypted via 128 bit SSL to the server, then the file is once again encrypted using 1024 bit encryption while being stored.

SOS Online Backup Support Options

Support isn’t scarce with SOS. In the client you will find a help tab and under the tab are links to all of their support systems. Email, forum, toll free numbers, and live online chat, and the forum is an active one, for sure.

SOS Online Backup Common Problems

We had no problems installing and running this client. Everything worked as it should. The one issue we had was configurability, we enjoy being able to tweak the very last ounce of strength from our software and hardware. If there are very many problems, we couldn’t tell it from the looks of their forum, as almost all of the problems were marked as solved, though there were a few feature requests.

SOS Online Backup Versus The Competition

For simplicity, this one can’t easily be beat. There are more configurable clients, and better trial access offers, but for the simplicity and ease of use, this one gets our vote.

SOS Online Backup Company Information

Started in 2001 this is one of the oldest and largest online backup companies in existence today. They have 11 data centers located globally, including Asia, Europe, and the U.S. This keeps your backed up data close at hand for quick downloads. They have won both PC, and Laptop Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Awards, for 3 years in a row for PC mag.

SOS Online Backup Product Conclusion

Even though we couldn’t control all the parameters that we wanted to the client worked extremely well. Backup uploads were fast, and required little effort on our part. This is another service we would recommend to our readers that wish to do less, and get more action.

Livedrive Online Backup Review

Livedrive is an online backup system that also has the added features of an internet briefcase that can be shared. Their system allows users to sync files between computers, share files on the internet, or simply keep a backup copy of all the important stuff. If security is a concern, then they have FTP and SFTP protocols, and can access your files from mobile devices.

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Livedrive Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Livedrive has a three tiered pricing plan. On the home user level ou have access to unlimited storage from anywhere for 1 PC or Mac. Home accounts cost $7.95 per month. The briefcase plan will coost you $15.95 per month, and you get all the features of the home account, but you will have the briefcase to share sync, and stream files even to your mobile devices. The briefcase plan gives you a whopping 2 TB of storage, but if that isn’t enough for you, there’s the business account with 5 TB for up to 5 computers. This package runs $24.95 per month, but you will also have the privilege of the extra computers, and NAS backups.

Livedrive Free Trial

Each package has a free trial of 2 weeks, and there aren’t any disabled functions on the trials. No credit card or other financial account info are needed, just a valid e-mail, then they will ask a few short questions.

Livedrive Client Details / Top Features

The client is fairly simple and easy to use. All the relevant controls were easy to find, access, use, and were complete enough to allow us to control almost every aspect of out up/down loads. Uploads and downloads seemed to be as fast as we needed, or would allow them, as the case may be. Default settings are friendly enough to allow most users to install the program and go, but the options for scheduling, throttling, and which files to back up are there. Files can also be changed and then saved while online and logged in.

Livedrive Product Installation

Installation was a breeze, and went off without a hitch. They support most versions of Windows, and Mac OSX. The web access can handle almost any browser, and mobile applications are supported. For the free version, email and activation are required.

Livedrive Backup Process Overview

As soon as the client installed it went to work on all the important files we needed backed up. Other files on disks other than the C: drive of our computer had to be pointed out, but this is useful for the home user that doesn’t want to be backing up a lot of useless stuff. Since the connection was configurable on the client, it wasn’t a bandwidth hog for our initial backup.

Livedrive Restore Process Overview

The client will help you to restore any or all of your files easily. It is also possible to restore the files to their original spot, or any spot you choose. Restoring can be done according to file version, too. You can also restore items accidentally deleted through their web portal or the client.

Livedrive Sharing Capabilities

For the home user, there isn’t much for sharing with Livedrive. But their briefcase is a work of art. It will allow you to share files and even has the possibility of syncing files across large networks.

Livedrive Privacy / Data Protection

FTP and SFTP are supported for the Livedrive pro and briefcase accounts, though the home account is sadly lacking here. SSL log ins are also supported. WebDAV is available for the mobile users to access their files from their devices.

Livedrive Support Options

You can report issues you are having through their Livedrive desktop, but there a whole host of other options. They also have tutorials, a FAQ and a Livedrive blog with lots of little tips and tricks for the client. There is also a support forum that has a lot of members that are always on the prowl to help someone in need.

Livedrive Common Problems

The forum didn’t have a large of assortment of issues with Livedrive. Most issues we noted involved the syncing of files and the installation of the client, though we had no issues on Windows 7. most of the problems had been marked as solved, though there were a few that were still being worked on, presumably.


Livedrive Versus The Competition

When compared to other online backup storage solutions Livedrive is a little expensive. But the added feature of the briefcase, file sharing and syncing makes the extra costs worth it. The client is as attractive as the others, but the briefcase feature sets these guys out from all the rest.

Livedrive Company Information

Livedrive hasn’t bee in service that long, since 2008, but since they came online they have gained customers as prestigious as CompUSA, TigerDirect, and even PC World. Their customer base of 500,000 is growing every day. They have also received the honor of being awarded the Computer Active Best Online Backup Buy It, and the Web User Gold Awards.

Livedrive Product Conclusion

Not only were we impressed with the sheer amount of storage space that Livedrive gives you, but the added feature of the briefcase topped our whole package off. Easy interface, and web access also puts this one closer to the top of the list. While the price of the service is a little more than many expect to have to pay for this kind of service, we think you will find the added expense well worth it.

SugarSync Online Backup Review

SugarSync is an online backup and syncing service that provides cloud storage and synchronization for all your documents, pics, and files. They have a very active community, and also provide for the mobile users among their customers. Their customer bas is made up of bothe the home user and businesses, so larger organizations can benefit from their services as well.

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SugarSync Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Their home users can get 30 GB of storage for their files for just $4.99 per month, and the tiers go all the way up to 250 GB for $24.99. The business users can expect to get 100 GB of storage for 3 users for a mere $24.99 with additional storage costing $24.99 for each 100 GB and $9.99 for each additional user.

SugarSync Free Trial

SugarSync has a 5 Gb unlimited free plan for those who haven’t decided if cloud storage is for them or not. The freebie will give you automatic backups and file syncing, and free mobile applications to assist you in your backup, sharing, and downloads. Once registered and verified you can earn additional storage by just completing tasks on their website. Each task pays 125 MB, and there are 6 of them for a total of 725 MB extra.

SugarSync Client Details / Top Features

The client is clean, and very much had the feel of the Windows Explorer. Adding files is easy via drag and drop or the right click context menu. The configuration is strangely weak, considering the rest of the client and service. Their website interface is great though. File sharing, mobile files, archives, can all be accessed through their web interface. The recovery of accidentally deleted files is possible too in both the desktop client and the web interface. Uploads went quickly, and file selection for the back ups is easily done. Devices can be added both in the client and on the web.

SugarSync Product Installation

The EXE is only a 14 MB download, and our installation went without any issues. For a desktop environment you will need either a Windows or a Mac machine. For web access I.E. 7 or better is needed, but Firefox, Chrome, and Safari will work also. Initial configuration was handled automatically via the installer, though the default set of files to be backed up was limited to out C: drive. This problem was easily handled by selecting add additional files to be backed up, and deselecting the ones we didn’t want backed up.

SugarSync Backup Process Overview

While connection speeds and scheduling is configurable, the client will only let you go so far. The backup processes can be sped up or slowed down as you like, but you may want to slow things down a bit from the start to reduce bandwidth hogging during the initial backup process.

SugarSync Restore Process Overview

Restoring files is easily accomplished either using the client of web interface. You just select the file you want to restore, (or all if you need them,) and click replace file. The files will be replaced to their original location, or any location you choose.

SugarSync Sharing Capabilities

As the name implies, syncing computers is easy with this service, and can be done across as many computers as you need to. File sharing is just as easily accomplished, either through their internet site or using the SugarSync client. Most every types of mobile device is supported, along with their free apps.

SugarSync Privacy / Data Protection

They provide for security through SSL 3.3 transfers that use the latest, TLS, a new handshake protocol, and 128 bit encryption. All shared files can be password protected or made open to the public.

SugarSync Support Options

Through their customer support portal you will have a variety of options to choose from. They have an assortment of video tutorials that will have you up and running in no time, community support, e-mail, and for those that can’t wait, there’s live chat.

SugarSync Common Problems

The most common problems we noticed in their forums revolved around sharing files and folders using mobile devices. It seems that this problem was with a server, and was resolved quickly. There weren’t many open support requests to speak of. And, our installation went easily, and hasn’t had any problems since the install.

SugarSync Versus The Competition

For the sizes of packages offered for the price you pay, SugarSync stands out over their nearest competition, Mozy. There are other online backup services out there that offer more storage space for their free trial offers, but theirs would have time limits attached. So far, the 5 GB free storage is about the best offering out there, then they made things better with added the luxury of being able to sync your files across the web.

SugarSync Company Information

A 7 year old company that specializes in online and cloud solutins for companies that are always connected. Their headquarters is in San Mateo Ca.

SugarSync Product Conclusion

We’re recommending these guys just for the fact that they are handing out more in freebies than any other online backup service is. Their support options are good, and the client, while minimal, does a great job of doing it’s job. The syncing and file sharing are an added value that this service gives away, but then you probably already knew that.

ElephantDrive Online Backup Review

A file backup/storage service that has service for even the most frugal. Ranging from free to set your own price, this company claims to be like their namesakes, “very big, never forgets, and works for peanuts.” If their free account isn’t large enough for you, then they have home premium accounts and customized business accounts that can be tailored to any budget.

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ElephantDrive Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Home plans start at $9.95 per month to cover 2 devices for a maximum of 100GB or a Family plan that gives you 5 devices and 500GB and will cost you $19.95 per month. If you pay yearly for these accounts you will get 2 months free. The business level plans start at $25 per month and go up to $215 per month. The high end business account will allow up to 50 users and give you 500GB of storage. They also have a plan customizer, if you need more storage and fewer users, or visa versa.

ElephantDrive Free Trial

There is a free trial that has no time limits, but some of the features are limited. They give you a 2 GB for a single computer. There is a 100MB file size upload limit and you won’t be able to store data that isn’t on your hard drive. The free trial doesn’t require credit cards or other financial info.

ElephantDrive Client Details / Top Features

The ElephantDrive client is for those that like to “set it and forget it,” so if you’re a fan of tweaking every last bit of performance out of your computer or device, this isn’t for you. Even with this in mind, the client will run quietly in the background taking very few of your resources, or you can allow it to go all out. The paid accounts will have more options as to the files they want backed up and when, but the free account will put a file on your desktop where you can drag and drop the files you want backed up.

ElephantDrive Product Installation

Our download of the client only lasted a few moments, at less than 24MB. Installation was all automatic and went painlessly. At the end of the install the program asked for the username and password I had set up on their website, and log in went without a hitch, too.

Backup Process Overview

Backup processes can run in the background or as fast as your connection will allow, and after the initial backup, will not hog all your bandwidth. You are able to select the files you want backed up, along with the standard menagerie of files that the client will take care of automatically. Backup is done according to the files that have been modified since the last backup, and open and locked files can be backed up, too.

ElephantDrive Restore Process Overview

The restore process is as simple and painless as any of the other processes in ElephantDrive. It can be accomplished either using the desktop client, via the internet, or using a mapped drive that the client places in your computer. File versions is supported, but restoring all your files is just as easily done as restoring single files, and categories can be created for your stored files.

ElephantDrive Sharing Capabilities

Sharing files is possible via the internet and the client. On the internet it is done by simply right clicking on a file and selecting the share, or multi-select, of you want to share more than one file.

ElephantDrive Privacy / Data Protection

They maintain a minimalist attitude with their security, which means that if they don’t need it it isn’t on their servers. This is to reduce the number of security flaws inherent in many softwares. All transmissions are via SSL, and data in their data centers is encrypted with the same standards as the military uses. Data centers are hardened and protected, and as an additional measure, all but the free account will guarantee storage on more than a single server.

ElephantDrive Support Options

On their website we found one of the most comprehensive FAQ’s we have ever seen. Almost every question we had and could think of had already been answered there. But, if you run into a problem that isn’t handled in their FAQ, there is a support forum, email options, and a huge knowledge base.

ElephantDrive Common Problems

Our installation went smoothly, but the forum showed that there had been a few that hadn’t. But over all there weren’t any open issues in the forum, and we couldn’t find any issue reports that hadn’t been resolved.

ElephantDrive Versus The Competition

While the client is a little light on configuration options, it did seem to run well. The bandwidth required was minimal, though we would have been able to adjust it a little farther. The free client offers the ability of selecting only the files you want backed up, we would hope this is a fact with the paid versions also.

ElephantDrive Company Information

The company was founded by technicians that are enthusiastic about securely backing up data for their customers. These guys are based in Los Angeles, and have been working in the industry for years. Their philosophy is to bring the big company resources of backing up and online storage to the average home user.

ElephantDrive Product Conclusion

Even though the client program was a little light in the configuration area, it wasn’t a resource or bandwidth hog, so gets our thumbs up for this. The free storage access is a very nice plus for those that just aren’t sure if online backup and storage is for them. We would recommend this one for those who don’t want to have to work with the program too much to keep it from hogging up all your resources and clogging your internet.