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Egnyte Online Storage Review

Egnyte Online Storage Intro / What is Egnyte Online Storage?

Egnyte is an online cloud file server system that has powerful features that addresses many small and medium business needs. Their unique Hybrid Cloud storage solution can help you coordinate, sync, access, backup, and share your data easily. You will be able to assign individual access levels to users, and it is possible to have as many users as you want. They have storage for up to 1 TB, and if you need even more than that, it’s available at the press of a button. They have a 24/7/365 support policy to make sure that their customers can access the files they need. Mobile access is supported, and only the very best security in the industry is used.

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Egnyte Pricing/Plans/Coupons

There are a couple of different levels of plan. This first plan is for small businesses and will allow up to 25 users:

  • The Group plan – $24.99 p/mo, 5 users, 150 GB storage, 2.5 GB file size limit.
  • The Office Plan – $44.99 p/mo, 10 users, 1 TB storage, unlimited file size limit.
  • The Company Plan – $99.99 p/mo, 25 users, 1 TB storage, no file size limits.

The Medium size business would do well to have larger storage, and more user access. The Corporate plan is highly customizable, and starts at $150 per month. Here’s how the plan can be customized:

  • Users – Power users start at 30 and can increase to 200. Standard users start at 600 and go to unlimited.
  • Storage – starts at 1TB and can be increased to 16 TB.
  • Personal local cloud is included for all Power users, but you can opt to get their Office local cloud, or Enterprise local cloud.
  • Additional discounts on all of their packages when purchasing annually.

The Corporate package price increases with the number of users, storage, etc., and can go up to a little over $2,500 per month.

Egnyte Free Trial

They offer a 15 day free trial for you to evaluate their services. With the trial you will be allowed to have up to 5 Power users, 100 regular users, and will have 150 GB at your disposal. No credit card, or other financial information is needed, A good e-mail address so you can confirm the account registration is all you need to get started.

Egnyte Client Details/Top Features

Egnyte offers a lot for the businesses they service. In fact there are so many features in fact, that we can only list the very best of the highlights here:

  • Online File Storage – Permission based folders that can be accessed from the web or desktop, drag-n-drop is supported, mobile access is also possible to unlimited storage.
  • File sharing – access control, automatic version backup, change notifications, locking, unlimited public folders, and concurrent sharing.
  • Continuous backup – Syncing is automatic, and restoration is easy and instant.
  • Offline Access – One of the very few backup clients that offer a local cloud. As soon as the system is reconnected to the internet, it will automatically update the files stored there.
  • Security System – Top of the line DOD level security is maintained on your stored files, and servers are maintained in a 24/7/365 secured center that is locked by physical keys.
  • Privacy control, and complete user management.
  • Custom Branding – Make your control panel yours with the ability to customize access and appearance.

Egnyte Installation

Getting started with Egnyte is easy, the sign up process takes only a few minutes. Internet access will be via your own http://. As we said before, customization and branding is easy, just go to the Settings tab, then select Branding kit from the menu on the right, and begin customizing. For offline access, you will have to download their Map Drive app, and another Personal Cloud app. You will be able to set up power users, and regular users from the settings also. This is done from the control panels Home tab, on the right side menu. There will be a popup and you can fill in the information for your new user, and then send them the link via e-mail.

Egnyte Backup Process Overview

How long backups and storage takes depends on the amount of data you will have to upload. They do support FTP, which is a little faster, but if your backups and storage files are large it could take as long as a week for the initial upload. After that, incremental backup is used to keep the files maintained, so after the initial upload the amount of time it takes to sync any changed files with their servers will be much less.

Egnyte Restore Process Overview

Restoring files is just as easy as storing them. Just click on the file to be restored, and then the download button on the control panel’s tool bar. Once downloaded, simply place the file where it goes, or alternatively when you download it you can download it to the location that yo need it.

Egnyte Sharing Capabilities

There are 3 levels of sharing, Administrators, Power Users and Regular Users. Administrators permissions are kind of obvious. Power Users have the following privileges: Desktop and web access, large file management and sending, a powerful search, encryption, and backup files and e-mail folders. Regular Users have all of the same privileges except the desktop access, and backup files and e-mail folders.

Egnyte Privacy / Data Protection

To provide you with security their data centers are SAS 70 compliant. Meaning that physical access to their servers is highly controlled, and video monitored. They have several storage centers, East and West US coasts, and one in Europe. For your file transfers they use 256 bit encrypted SSL, the same as some of the biggest financial institutions use. All files are stored with 256 bit encryption, and of course, there is the user access permissions. You will be able to determine who gets to see your files, exclusively.

Egnyte Support Options

On their website you will find video tutorials, FAQ’s, e-mail support options, (which is almost instantaneous,) and live support. The FAQ is quite large, and covers almost every incident the average user may encounter we could think of. There is also live training, though we didn’t take the time check that out.

Egnyte vs. The Competition

There aren’t many providers that offer this level of storage, but of the few we do know of, like MozyPro, or Amerivault, the feature offerings are hard to compare. For the money, Egnyte is comparable to the other guys.

Egnyte Company Information

They launched their Cloud file server business in 2008 with their headquarters in Silicon Valley, Ca. Since their start they have received awards and media acclaim worldwide. Their customers base if from a huge variety of industries, and organizations.

Egnyte Conclusion

If you are needing massive amount of sharing capabilities and storage, then these guys are worth checking out. The implications of having your information available to hundreds of clients and employees is also nice. For a medium or small business solution, we recommend people to at least give them a try on the free account.

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Egnyte Online Storage

Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price25+
Storage Space150 GB To 1+ TB
Free Trial 15 Days
Free Plan Yes Free Plan Available 150 GB
Backup Speed
Single Plan Yes Single Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Multi. Plan Yes Multiple Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Enterprise Plan Yes Enterprise / Business Computer Backup Plans Available Yes

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Supported OS
WindowsWindows OS Supported Yes
MacOSXMacOsX Supported Yes
Linux Linux Supported Yes
iOS/iPhone iPhone Supported Yes
Android Android Supported Yes

Backup Features
SchedulerScheduler Supported Yes
Versioningversioning Supported Yes
Bandwith Adj. bandwidth Supported Yes
Idle Backup idlebackup Supported Yes

Support Options
Email Supportemailsupport Supported Yes
Phone Supportphonesupport Supported Yes
Live Chat livechatsupport Supported Yes
FAQ faqsupport Supported Yes
Blog blogsupport Supported Yes
KnowledgeBase kbsupport Supported Yes
Tutorials tutorialsupport Supported Yes
Video Tutorials vidtutorialsupport Supported Yes

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Backup File Access
Web Accesswebaccess Supported Yes
iPhone Accessphoneaccess Supported Yes
FTP Access ftpaccess Supported Yes

Sharing Capabilities
File Sharingfilesharing Supported Yes
Send Big Filessendbigfiles Supported Yes
Share Photos sendphotos Supported Yes

File Restore Options
Web Downloadwebdownload Supported Yes
Software Restoresoftwarerestore Supported Yes
Zip File zipfile Supported Yes
FTP Restore ftprestore Supported Yes
Physical Media physicalmedia Supported Yes

Privacy / File Security
Encryptionencryption Supported Yes
SSL Transfersssltransfers Supported Yes
Server Farms serverfarms Supported Yes

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