ElephantDrive Online Backup Review

A file backup/storage service that has service for even the most frugal. Ranging from free to set your own price, this company claims to be like their namesakes, “very big, never forgets, and works for peanuts.” If their free account isn’t large enough for you, then they have home premium accounts and customized business accounts that can be tailored to any budget.

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ElephantDrive Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Home plans start at $9.95 per month to cover 2 devices for a maximum of 100GB or a Family plan that gives you 5 devices and 500GB and will cost you $19.95 per month. If you pay yearly for these accounts you will get 2 months free. The business level plans start at $25 per month and go up to $215 per month. The high end business account will allow up to 50 users and give you 500GB of storage. They also have a plan customizer, if you need more storage and fewer users, or visa versa.

ElephantDrive Free Trial

There is a free trial that has no time limits, but some of the features are limited. They give you a 2 GB for a single computer. There is a 100MB file size upload limit and you won’t be able to store data that isn’t on your hard drive. The free trial doesn’t require credit cards or other financial info.

ElephantDrive Client Details / Top Features

The ElephantDrive client is for those that like to “set it and forget it,” so if you’re a fan of tweaking every last bit of performance out of your computer or device, this isn’t for you. Even with this in mind, the client will run quietly in the background taking very few of your resources, or you can allow it to go all out. The paid accounts will have more options as to the files they want backed up and when, but the free account will put a file on your desktop where you can drag and drop the files you want backed up.

ElephantDrive Product Installation

Our download of the client only lasted a few moments, at less than 24MB. Installation was all automatic and went painlessly. At the end of the install the program asked for the username and password I had set up on their website, and log in went without a hitch, too.

Backup Process Overview

Backup processes can run in the background or as fast as your connection will allow, and after the initial backup, will not hog all your bandwidth. You are able to select the files you want backed up, along with the standard menagerie of files that the client will take care of automatically. Backup is done according to the files that have been modified since the last backup, and open and locked files can be backed up, too.

ElephantDrive Restore Process Overview

The restore process is as simple and painless as any of the other processes in ElephantDrive. It can be accomplished either using the desktop client, via the internet, or using a mapped drive that the client places in your computer. File versions is supported, but restoring all your files is just as easily done as restoring single files, and categories can be created for your stored files.

ElephantDrive Sharing Capabilities

Sharing files is possible via the internet and the client. On the internet it is done by simply right clicking on a file and selecting the share, or multi-select, of you want to share more than one file.

ElephantDrive Privacy / Data Protection

They maintain a minimalist attitude with their security, which means that if they don’t need it it isn’t on their servers. This is to reduce the number of security flaws inherent in many softwares. All transmissions are via SSL, and data in their data centers is encrypted with the same standards as the military uses. Data centers are hardened and protected, and as an additional measure, all but the free account will guarantee storage on more than a single server.

ElephantDrive Support Options

On their website we found one of the most comprehensive FAQ’s we have ever seen. Almost every question we had and could think of had already been answered there. But, if you run into a problem that isn’t handled in their FAQ, there is a support forum, email options, and a huge knowledge base.

ElephantDrive Common Problems

Our installation went smoothly, but the forum showed that there had been a few that hadn’t. But over all there weren’t any open issues in the forum, and we couldn’t find any issue reports that hadn’t been resolved.

ElephantDrive Versus The Competition

While the client is a little light on configuration options, it did seem to run well. The bandwidth required was minimal, though we would have been able to adjust it a little farther. The free client offers the ability of selecting only the files you want backed up, we would hope this is a fact with the paid versions also.

ElephantDrive Company Information

The company was founded by technicians that are enthusiastic about securely backing up data for their customers. These guys are based in Los Angeles, and have been working in the industry for years. Their philosophy is to bring the big company resources of backing up and online storage to the average home user.

ElephantDrive Product Conclusion

Even though the client program was a little light in the configuration area, it wasn’t a resource or bandwidth hog, so gets our thumbs up for this. The free storage access is a very nice plus for those that just aren’t sure if online backup and storage is for them. We would recommend this one for those who don’t want to have to work with the program too much to keep it from hogging up all your resources and clogging your internet.

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