IBackup Online Backup Review

This online storage and backup company has been in existence since 1990, though they started out as a consulting firm. Their suite of software was developed with ease of use backup, storage, and syncing in mind. They have several clients and services they offer, but storage and backup seems to be their main forte.

IBackup Pricing / Plans / Coupons

They have no defined home and business user accounts, but their pricing tiers go from 10 GB for $9.95 per month all the way up to 300 GB per month for $299.95 per month. You can save a lot if you pay be the year, and for a short time they are offering a 5x bonus on new accounts and upgrades to existing accounts. This means that for the same $9.95 p/mo, you will have access to at least 50 GB of storage. There are no limitations on the number of computers you backup, too.

IBackup Free Trial

There may be a free trial period, but we couldn’t find it. Sign up requires a credit card or bank account information, also.

IBackup Client Details / Top Features

The client is compatible with almost any system on the market today, Windows, Linux, and Mac are all covered. They also have mobile applications for almost every device on the market today, and from their website a developer can get the API’s necessary to create new and innovative applications for their device. Transfers are generally faster than most any other client on the market, versions and dating are available for the last 30 backups you have made. Scheduling is supported, too. Throttling is possible from within the client, and transfers are compressed to reduce the size.

IBackup Product Installation

Installation is simple after the download, and you will be asked if you want to create an encryption key or let the client do it. After that you will be able to select files to be backedup, or schedule. Immediate backups are possible, and pause/resume is supported.

IBackup Backup Process Overview

The backup process is painless and simple. Just select the files you want backed up, or drag and drop them into the client, select the time, ot if it’s immediate, set the speed you want the upload to happen at, then click backup.

IBackup Restore Process Overview

Restoring your files is as simple as drag and drop, which is also supported. From the restore screen you will be able to pick the files you want to restore, or all of them. Versions and dating is also supported in the client and on the web portal.

IBackup Sharing Capabilities

It’s possible to share with Ibackup. Just log into the website through their portal from any device you have, then select the files you want to share, then click the share button. You will be asked for a share user email address,. This person will get an email link and password to use to get to the shared files.

IBackup Privacy / Data Protection

Physical security is provided for as well as securing your data at their data centers. Transferring and storage is handled using industry standard 256 bit encryption and SSL for the transfer. There are several data centers that they use, and all are secured, and protected against the likes of mother nature, and the occasional hardware disaster.

IBackup Support Options

Ibackup support comes in the guise of toll free numbers, email, and support requests that can be filled out from their website. On their website you will also find a lot of useful FAQ’s and video tutorials if you are having problems with the installation or operation of the client.

IBackup Common Problems

We scoured the internet for unhappy customers, and people that had issues with their client software or web portal…we found none.

IBackup Versus The Competition

The guys over at Carbonite and SOS scramble every time this company makes an upgrade, or offers a new discount. The pricing and service compared to other backup services is pretty good too. They claim that, for Windows users, the backup process is up to 30% faster than their best competition, but we haven’t experienced that much of an increase in performance.

IBackup Company Information

Originally starting out as a consultant firm, they had very little problem breaking into the field of backup and online storage. They have the distinction of having over 70 million backups in a 15 petabyte database on their servers.

IBackup Product Conclusion

While we couldn’t try out the full monte of service they have to offer, they are comparable to their nearest competitor in terms of price, storage caps, and ease of use. A trial offer would be a nice addition for the company that would bring many more customers to their store than they realize though. If you are shopping around for storage and backup solutions though, we recommend that you take a long hard look at these guys.

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  1. Sorry to say I’ve had a terrible time with this company as well. I decided to give their 2 year in advance option a try. First off, their service is incredibly slow to upload to. I have about 600 Gig of data to backup, and I think it might have taken 2 or 3 months to get it all uploaded with the slow speeds. After I saw how slow the speeds were I decided to stop the backup and test what it would be like to download a backup. Their web interface constantly failed to allow me to download a backup, and I opened a support ticket less than a week after purchase. Numerous back and forth emails with them telling me they fixed it and it not being fixed led me to finally stop replying to their requests. So I eventually asked for a refund in under 30 days but they are now telling me that since I didn’t request a refund in 15 days that they were keeping my payment, even though I had an open ticket with them. If I were you I would not trust this company with your data.

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