IDrive Online Backup Review

Idrive is one of the older companies on the internet supplying their wares. Since their inception in 1995, they have developed several ventures besides just the online storage solution, all computer and IT related. In spite of their extra duties of the other ventures, their Ibackup is the main vice.

Idrive Pricing / Plans / Coupons

They have several plans for the home user, and excellent packages for their business users. The home plans start at $4.95 per month for 150 Gb of storage for a single computer, but if you need to cover more computers, you can opt for their 500 GB plan for $14.95 per month. This will allow you to backup up to 5 computers. The business plans start out at $9.95 per month for 50 GB of storage, and their business plans allow unlimited computers to be backed up. These plans escalate up to 1000 GB for $79.95 per month. Additional storage is allowed at a cost of 50ยข per GB of use.

Idrive Free Trial

They do have a basic account that will allow you to backup up to 5 GB of data for free, just to try their service out. The account is a forever account , so those of you into the freebies like we are will like this one a lot.

Idrive Client Details / Top Features

Their service does offer apps for mobile access outside of your normal network. The client will allow you to adjust transfer speed on the fly, and the status window is clean and easy to operate. Proxies are supported, too. Scheduling is also supported, as is version and date restoring. They delete nothing until you close your account, so all of your versions for all the days you are a member will be be there for you to find on their servers.

Idrive Product Installation

The 9 MB installer was easy to find on their website, and once downloaded you will get the standard usage agreement, then will be able to select where the program is put. In order to use the web interface, (I explore,) you will have to install a plug-in, but this is only a 1.7 MB download. This program will set up a virtual drive for backups also.

Idrive Backup Process Overview

The backup process is easy to understand and file selection for your backups will be explorer-like. Transfer speeds are adjustable, as are many of the parameters in the client. Status of your backup uploading is shown in the status window and the speed of the upload can be adjusted there, on the fly. At top speed the uploads take all your bandwidth, but the transfer is quite fast.

Idrive Restore Process Overview

You will be able to restore your files from anywhere using their web portal or the iDrive platform. Here you can also manage, and change your backups. You can select from restoring the entire set, according to date or version, and you will also be able to select individual files to restore from here.

Idrive Sharing Capabilities

sharing is possible using their web portal, but only for the packages that allow more than one computer. There is also a syncing function that will work with most any mobile device via the intrnet.

Idrive Privacy / Data Protection

The Idrive client uses 128 bit SSL for th transfer of your backup, then 256 bit encryption is used for storing the data. Your special private encryption key that is generated or selected by you during the set up process isn’t stored on any of their servers, so keep this and don’t lose it.

Idrive Support Options

Support comes in the form of toll free numbers to talk to one of their team members, a feedback form in the client that is also used to report problems, or their website has a feedback form that will email the support team directly.

Idrive Common Problems

We have experienced no issues with the client or web portal at all. This is’t to say that there aren’t any problems, but with no support forum, and no way to look at the number of service tickets they have received, there is no way of telling you if there are any issues.

Idrive Versus The Competition

The closest thing to competition that the team at Idrive has is Mozy, and SugarSync, bot excellent systems and also recommended by us. The prices are comparable, and the service is also good. Where the others leave the guys at Idrive behind is in the support area, which is weak at best.

Idrive Company Information

A division of Pro Softnet Corp, Idrive started in 1995 and is one of the oldest providers in the online storage industry. Their suite of softwares are designed to compliment each other. Idrive professional, IdriveSync, and RemotePC, when combined, makes for a powerful backup and syncing solution.

Idrive Product Conclusion

For their free 5 GB access, the parameters being adjustable, the speed, and most of all the competetive pricing, we would recommend iDrive to anyone who needs this type of service. When combining their backup software with their other offerings, this company can protect a PC completely.