JustCloud Online Backup Review

JustCloud is an online back-up and storage solution that promises security, unlimited amounts of storage, and automation to the point of “Set it and forget it.” They offer secured file transfers in both directions, secured storage, and multiple redundant and geographically diverse backup locations so you won’t lose access to any of your files.

It’s possible to access your files from anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection, and there isn’t a file size limitation, unless you are operating on their free account, which we will give you more detail about later in this article. They have support for mobile devices, like Android, and iPhones, and the client the give you to do all this is an easy to use, full featured program that is highly configurable.

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JustCloud Pricing / Plans / Coupons

There are three ways to pay, monthly, semi-annual, and annual.

  • For one months unlimited online storage the price is $9.95
  • 6 months is $6.96 per month
  • 12 months of unlimited storage it’s only $71.40, or a minimal $5.95 per month. That’s 40% off.

Signing up for their service is fast and they accept most every major form of plastic and Paypal. They have a 30 day no quibble refund policy, if you are dissatisfied at any point you just have to request that your account be canceled, and you will get a refund promptly.

JustCloud Free Trial

They offer their potential customers a 14 day free trial which will allow you to store up to 15 MB of data. We realize that this isn’t much, but it is enough to let you evaluate their system and client. With the free account the only feature/function limitations are the time limit and total storage amount.

JustCloud Client Details/Top Features

Presently they only support Windows XP and newer, Mac OSX, and almost every mobile device produced today. The download is small, only a little over 9 MB, and after installing the client and undertaking several other tasks you will be given an additional 100 MB of storage space. Installation is easy, the installer will start automatically once the download is completed. Here are a few of the major highlights of JustCloud:

  • Backup during Idle time or power saver mode supported and configurable.
  • Private folder sharing using special secured links.
  • Scheduling is advanced, supports skipping days and specific days for backup.
  • Drag and drop backing, and queuing can be controlled for this function also.
  • A referral program unlike nay other backup company.

Once installation is complete, you will be able to use the client to specify the files you would like to be backed up. The default set included most every file we would like to have backed up, but if your system is very busy, there may not be enough space to back up everything you need, initially. We didn’t want to overload our free trial account limits, so we selected specific test files to keep on their servers. Once the selection process was finished, the client slipped into the background and offered no interference while we surfed the internet and the client uploaded the files.

JustCloud Backup Process Overview

When backing up for the first time, your uploading could take several days or as long as a week, but after this the upload process is quite quick, and won’t slow you down any.Back-ups are done using a versioning system. This is where the files are uploaded in their entirety only once. After this your files will be monitored by the client for changes. If a change is detected, then only the file that was modified will be uploaded, and even then, only the changes in the file. Since they support incremental backups, they will keep old versions of your files until you delete them.

JustCloud Restore Process Overview

Restoring lost or damaged files is a fairly simple matter also. The easiest way we found was to go to their website, log in, select the “View my backed up files” from the menu on the right. Once you find the file you need, just click on it and the download process will begin automatically. Be sure to select the correct version of the file you are replacing, as there may be several file versions. If you decide to upgrade, your free account will be transferred. Alternatively, if you decide not to upgrade, or cancel your account, they will give you a grace period to get the files back, if you need to.

JustCloud Sharing Capabilities

Syncing functions are easily accomplished. You can either drag and drop, or alternatively, right click, select Just Cloud from the menu, then pick “Copy To Sync Folder.” That file will then be taken care of and monitored for any changes. After the upload process has finished, you will be able to get your file from any computer, anywhere in the world. If you want to share your files, or a single file, you will be able to use Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail by a right click, select “Share” and post, (or send,) your link.

JustCloud Privacy / Data Protection

During transfer, either upload, or download, all your data is secure using 256 bit SSL, as good as the industry can provide, and in their data centers it will also be encrypted using the same type of 256 bit encryption the government uses. Security against data loss, and hardware failures is insured with several mirrors, all of their servers are monitored 24/7/365, too.

JustCloud In Action Photo Gallery

JustCloud Support Options

Their support come in the form of FAQ’s, an extensive online knowledge base, and support tickets. According to the reviews coming from their customers, they are fast with the support tickets if you can’t find the answer you need from their other options. On their website though, they are preparing to add video tutorials, but haven’t done it yet.

JustCloud Common Problems

We found that the largest single complaint is that the initial back-up takes so long. There is a good reason for this, too. The files that are most commonly selected by users, (the default set when the client is installed,) are many, and the upload is quite large…if the back-up is to be effective. Aside from this problem, we found no other real issues.

JustCloud vs. The Competition

When compared to other services offering like or similar packages, these guys are competitive. The service and support is as good as, (if not better,) than larger providers like Carbonite, MYPCBackup, or Storagepipe. We were particularly impressed with their support system, one of the best KB’s we have seen.

Our Conclusion On JustCloud

Our experience with Just Cloud was excellent. From the first moment, to downloading the client, all the way to retrieving the backed up files. We were disappointed that we didn’t have any kind of mobile device to access the site and test it on this level, but judging from the rest of our experience, they have it together. We recommend that you at least give these guys a run on their free trial, it doesn’t require a Credit Card, only an e-mail, and confirmation.

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  1. These are the first cloud company I’ve used so can’t compare them to anyone but so far I like it! I used my PC to back-up a few picture albums which synced pretty quickly, then went on my mates PC at his house and could see everything in my cloud, as well as add to it when I was in my account. Also I was price hunting for a while and Mypcbackup was the cheapest I found, as well as promising me unlimited back-ups, which I’ll find out for sure when I put more stuff in my cloud (apparently some companies block the back-ups after a certain limit is reached??) but I was promised Unlimited so this should be what I get.

    What does it for me the most though is how simple it all is to use, and according to their blog there’s going to be a drag and drop feature which instantly syncs your files so it’s going to get even better! Like I said I haven’t used any other sites so don’t know if this is better or worse than any others but so far my experience has been perfect with these guys, I wouldn’t look any further!

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