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KeepIt Online Backup Review

KeepIt Online Backup Intro / What is KeepIt Online Backup?

Keepit is a relatively new company, starting out in Denmark in 2008 with a television campaign, they have moved onward and upward ever since. It is their goal to keep your data safe from hackers, electronic corruption, and natural disasters. They strive to make security concerns, and data loss a thing of the past.

KeepIt Online Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Their home plan costs around $7.75 per month and you get unlimited backups for your convenience. The plan only provides for you to pay 1 year at a time, but if you purchase 2 years, you will get 2 months free. The pro desktop version for business will cost around $14.95 per month, with the same subscription conditions applying. They do provide for an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, also.

KeepIt Online Free Trial

They have a 30 day trial that includes all the features that you will get with your chosen installation. The trial will allow a user to backup as many as 3 desktops and 2 servers after installing their client. Upgrading to the full version is easily done at any time from inside the client, but the free version doesn’t require the transmission of any financial data, i.e. credit cards or bank account numbers.

KeepIt Online Client Details / Top Features

Although there are lots of features to their web interface, there are surprisingly few in the desktop client. In the client we could only find settings for the files to select to back up, there wasn’t any speed controls, or security settings. There was a window to show status of your backups, a restore tab that helps to get your files back when they are lost, and a tab to change the user. We really would have liked it if we could have at least controlled the backup upload speeds, and a few other small settings.

KeepIt Online Product Installation

The installer was only 9.3 MB so the client downloaded in just a few minutes. There are installations available for Windows XP and newer, and a client for intel based Mac’s. A Linux version is in the works now, but still is in testing. The installation went just as quickly and painlessly, and once the client opened up a username/password request was given. Once we logged into he client and had been verified via the internet, the web portal was opened up. There are a few more settings in the web protal, but for the most part the backup processes are automatic.

KeepIt Online Backup Process Overview

The default set of files the client will back up is as complete as any person could want, excepting us. We tinkered with the file selection a bit and found it easy to select any or all of the files on your computer for backup. The initial backup upload wasn’t too hoggish on our bandwidth, but then again, this is one of the things we like to tweak.

KeepIt Online Restore Process Overview

For their restore process they maintain a full set of archived files for you. This means you can restore any file, to any version, or date, for as far back as 60 days. You will also be able to restore individual files, as well as the entire set. And, since the backup client is on auto-pilot, there will be no “I forgot to backup the server” issues.

KeepIt Online Sharing Capabilities

The client has no sharing capabilities. The same holds true for their web portal, unless you count the 5 computers you can register on the same account.

KeepIt Online Privacy / Data Protection

Before your backup files leave your computer they will be encrypted using industry standard 256 bit encryption. Transport from your computer to the server is via 128 bit encrypted SSL. There are several data centers in separate geographic locations to insure that no natural disaster hits and destroys your data, and your files will be kept on at least two of the servers at any given time.

KeepIt Online Support Options

While their support options doesn’t include forums or live online support, there is a toll free number, lots of documentation,and plenty of How-To guides that will get you going. The client is so simple there isn’t much needed for support.

KeepIt Online Common Problems

We could find no real significant complaints on the internet about this service. We had relatively zero issues with the installation, configuration, (what little there is,) or backing up our files. Restoring backups is a fairly simple matter of point and click.

KeepIt Online Versus The Competition

There are better clients and web portals, but the program works satisfactorily, and the price is in step with their closest competition, but many others have added value in their packages, so in order to keep up with the competitors, Keepit Online are going to have to up the ante to gain potential new customers.

KeepIt Online Company Information

A relatively small company based in Copenhagen, they strive to make the complicated simple for the average person. Their first website was opened in 2006, so they have been in business fro several years supplying backup solutions for their customers.

KeepIt Online Product Conclusion

For the sheer simplicity of the client use and their web interface simplicity we would recommend this to our friends that want to KISS. For thos needing to be able to adjust your parameters to get the most out of your connection, this client has issues, no speed limiter, and proxy is difficult. The price is attractive though, and the client does do what is promised, so this is a use for comparison or to get familiar with the way backup services operate.

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KeepIt Online Backup

Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price8
Storage Space
Free Trial No Free Trial Available No
Free Plan No Free Plan Available No
Backup Speed
Single Plan Yes Single Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Multi. Plan No Multiple Computer Backup Plan Available No
Enterprise Plan No Enterprise / Business Computer Backup Plans Available No

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Supported OS
WindowsWindows OS Not Supported No
MacOSXMacOsX Not Supported No
Linux Linux Not Supported No
iOS/iPhone iPhone Not Supported No
Android Android Not Supported No

Backup Features
SchedulerScheduler Not Supported No
Versioningversioning Not Supported No
Bandwith Adj. bandwidth Not Supported No
Idle Backup idlebackup Not Supported No

Support Options
Email Supportemailsupport Not Supported No
Phone Supportphonesupport Not Supported No
Live Chat livechatsupport Not Supported No
FAQ faqsupport Not Supported No
Blog blogsupport Not Supported No
KnowledgeBase kbsupport Not Supported No
Tutorials tutorialsupport Not Supported No
Video Tutorials vidtutorialsupport Not Supported No

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Backup File Access
Web Accesswebaccess Not Supported No
iPhone Accessphoneaccess Not Supported No
FTP Access ftpaccess Not Supported No

Sharing Capabilities
File Sharingfilesharing Not Supported No
Send Big Filessendbigfiles Not Supported No
Share Photos sendphotos Not Supported No

File Restore Options
Web Downloadwebdownload Not Supported No
Software Restoresoftwarerestore Not Supported No
Zip File zipfile Not Supported No
FTP Restore ftprestore Not Supported No
Physical Media physicalmedia Not Supported No

Privacy / File Security
Encryptionencryption Not Supported No
SSL Transfersssltransfers Not Supported No
Server Farms serverfarms Not Supported No

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