Livedrive Online Backup Review

Livedrive is an online backup system that also has the added features of an internet briefcase that can be shared. Their system allows users to sync files between computers, share files on the internet, or simply keep a backup copy of all the important stuff. If security is a concern, then they have FTP and SFTP protocols, and can access your files from mobile devices.

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Livedrive Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Livedrive has a three tiered pricing plan. On the home user level ou have access to unlimited storage from anywhere for 1 PC or Mac. Home accounts cost $7.95 per month. The briefcase plan will coost you $15.95 per month, and you get all the features of the home account, but you will have the briefcase to share sync, and stream files even to your mobile devices. The briefcase plan gives you a whopping 2 TB of storage, but if that isn’t enough for you, there’s the business account with 5 TB for up to 5 computers. This package runs $24.95 per month, but you will also have the privilege of the extra computers, and NAS backups.

Livedrive Free Trial

Each package has a free trial of 2 weeks, and there aren’t any disabled functions on the trials. No credit card or other financial account info are needed, just a valid e-mail, then they will ask a few short questions.

Livedrive Client Details / Top Features

The client is fairly simple and easy to use. All the relevant controls were easy to find, access, use, and were complete enough to allow us to control almost every aspect of out up/down loads. Uploads and downloads seemed to be as fast as we needed, or would allow them, as the case may be. Default settings are friendly enough to allow most users to install the program and go, but the options for scheduling, throttling, and which files to back up are there. Files can also be changed and then saved while online and logged in.

Livedrive Product Installation

Installation was a breeze, and went off without a hitch. They support most versions of Windows, and Mac OSX. The web access can handle almost any browser, and mobile applications are supported. For the free version, email and activation are required.

Livedrive Backup Process Overview

As soon as the client installed it went to work on all the important files we needed backed up. Other files on disks other than the C: drive of our computer had to be pointed out, but this is useful for the home user that doesn’t want to be backing up a lot of useless stuff. Since the connection was configurable on the client, it wasn’t a bandwidth hog for our initial backup.

Livedrive Restore Process Overview

The client will help you to restore any or all of your files easily. It is also possible to restore the files to their original spot, or any spot you choose. Restoring can be done according to file version, too. You can also restore items accidentally deleted through their web portal or the client.

Livedrive Sharing Capabilities

For the home user, there isn’t much for sharing with Livedrive. But their briefcase is a work of art. It will allow you to share files and even has the possibility of syncing files across large networks.

Livedrive Privacy / Data Protection

FTP and SFTP are supported for the Livedrive pro and briefcase accounts, though the home account is sadly lacking here. SSL log ins are also supported. WebDAV is available for the mobile users to access their files from their devices.

Livedrive Support Options

You can report issues you are having through their Livedrive desktop, but there a whole host of other options. They also have tutorials, a FAQ and a Livedrive blog with lots of little tips and tricks for the client. There is also a support forum that has a lot of members that are always on the prowl to help someone in need.

Livedrive Common Problems

The forum didn’t have a large of assortment of issues with Livedrive. Most issues we noted involved the syncing of files and the installation of the client, though we had no issues on Windows 7. most of the problems had been marked as solved, though there were a few that were still being worked on, presumably.


Livedrive Versus The Competition

When compared to other online backup storage solutions Livedrive is a little expensive. But the added feature of the briefcase, file sharing and syncing makes the extra costs worth it. The client is as attractive as the others, but the briefcase feature sets these guys out from all the rest.

Livedrive Company Information

Livedrive hasn’t bee in service that long, since 2008, but since they came online they have gained customers as prestigious as CompUSA, TigerDirect, and even PC World. Their customer base of 500,000 is growing every day. They have also received the honor of being awarded the Computer Active Best Online Backup Buy It, and the Web User Gold Awards.

Livedrive Product Conclusion

Not only were we impressed with the sheer amount of storage space that Livedrive gives you, but the added feature of the briefcase topped our whole package off. Easy interface, and web access also puts this one closer to the top of the list. While the price of the service is a little more than many expect to have to pay for this kind of service, we think you will find the added expense well worth it.

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