Mozy Online Backup Review

Mozy is a fairly young company that started out in 2005 and are backed by EMC Corporation. Since it’s inception they have gained popularity for over 3 million customers, more than 70,000 of them being businesses. They have multiple data centers globally that store over 70 petabytes of data. Mozy has recently completed a SAS 70 type II audit, certifying that their processes meet or exceed all industry control standards and objectives.

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Mozy Pricing / Plans / Coupons

For their home customers there are 2 levels of service. The 50GB plan costs $5.99 per month and their 125 GB plan costs $9.99 per month, though both plans have major savings when paying for 1 (1 month free) or 2 (3 months free) years in advance. Additional computers may be added for $2 each and extra storage comes at $2 for 20 GB . The business customers pay using a per computer usage of $3.95 per month per computer and $6.96 per month for each server. Their business accounts also provide an extra 50¢ for each GB used for your storage, though how many GB the limit actually is wasn’t made clear on their website.

Mozy Online Backup Free Trial

There is a free version for the home users that allows you to back up as much as 2 GB of your photos, and files. The free version requires no credit card or financial account information to get it started either. As far as we can tell there isn’t a time limit on the free version, but it is limited from the live chat support, support tickets, and adding on storage. You will have to enter your e-mail address and a password for your account, then verify it, for your free version to start downloading.

Mozy Client Details / Top Features

The client interface was kept at a minimum, though we did find the settings right away. In here we found enough options that we were quickly happy with the way our installation would behave on our machine. In the options you can control how much bandwidth is used for your backups as well as the exact files that will be kept. On the options screen under the Local Backup tab you will be able to instruct the client to maintain a copy close at hand. In the options you will also be able to schedule, pause and resume, and get help if you need it.

Mozy Online Backup Product Installation

Once clicking on the e-mail verification, we then had to select the flavor we wanted, Windows (9.2 MB,) Mac, (intel only, 21.7 MB,) or Mac PPC and intel (17.4 MB.) Our download was installed with little effort or hassle, and at the end of the install the client asked us to log into our account. The initial assortment of files that were selected by default was complete, though we didn’t want all of our files backed up at this time, so we corrected this right away.

Mozy Backup Process Overview

Initial backup will start automatically under the default settings, but the file set can be changed to whatever you would like it to be. Any files you delete or don’t back up will disappear from your account after 30 days. Since the program is fully configurable, upload speeds can be adjusted to not interfere with your internet connection, and backup scheduling is available for those that need it.

Mozy Restore Process Overview

There are 2 methods for restoring. Inside the client is the fastest and best method we have found, but there is a web restore function for those times when the download will just be too large. There is the option of restoring single files or the whole backup set, and restoring files by date is also supported.

Mozy Backup  File Sharing Capabilities

You will be able to access Mozy from any computer anywhere in the world, so if you need to restore your files they will be available. There is also a Replacing existing Computer restore option in case your computer gets stolen or gives up the ghost.

Mozy Backup Privacy / Data Protection

First your data is locally encrypted using military-grade encryption, then transfers are handled via SSL, and finally you can keep the encryption key or let Mozy handle it. Their SAS70 and ISO certified servers are state of the art, and they have one of the industries highest standards for security protocol.

Mozy Backup Support Options

Support can come via their toll free number, e-mail through their website, live chat, (though it was off line at the time of this writing,) knowledge base, and their forums.

Mozy Backup Common Problems

While we have encountered no real problems yet with the client, a look to their forum revealed that most of the problems encountered centered around total restoration, and of these very few were not marked as solved. A few saying that Mozy prepares for a long time, and these were almost all solved, too.

Mozy Online Backup Versus The Competition

When compared to Carbonite, the pricing is competitive. The unlimited time on their free offering is a very big plus that we are sure will attract a lot of users, and the support system stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Mozy Company Information

Mozy was founded by EMC Corp back in ’05. While the company is young their parent company is a Fortune 500 listed company with a long history. EMC is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, but the company has offices in in Pleasant Grove, Utah; London, England; Cork, Ireland; and Shanghai.

Mozy Online Backup Product Conclusion

A little more control over the files being backed up was all we asked, and got it here. The client looks nice, and the control over it completely configurable. Uploads weren’t tested for speed but rather the interference of other machines, and this was negligible. A great way to keep your files and media backed up.

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