Penny Backup Online Storage Review

Penny Backup is an online backup and storage service set up for individuals and small business. Their parent company, Storage Guardian, provides large corporations with online storage, backup, and other cloud solutions. Having a parent company as focused on storage and security as SG is PB has a lot of security, and the client they give you for free has all of the essentials, and a little more to boot. SG has been in the business for more than 10 years, and lends their experience and professionalism to the PB team. They will let you check them out through their free trial offer, and while the client is all free their service isn’t, but it is inexpensive.

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Penny Backup Pricing / Plans / Coupons

There are a couple of different ways to set up your account.

  • Flat Rate: 8.9 cents p/GB. You sign up for a free trial account, and at the end, you will have an understanding of how much storage you will need, and opt to purchase enough to keep your machines up to date.
  • Prepaid Annually: $59.00 for unlimited storage for 12 months. You can opt for this when you sign up for the trial account.
  • Bulk Purchasing: They have the option, if you need more storage than the average homeor business, maybe you want to offer this as a special feature of your service, then they are willing to negotiate the costs on larger blocks.

They do not limit you on how many computers that you have the client installed on, or what kind of data you store. In fact, the only limit you will discover is your storage, which you have complete control of.

Penny Backup Free Trial

To get their free trial, you will have to jump through a few hoops. They have you fill out the form, then you will have to wait a bit for a link to come in your email. The link will take you to the download site for their freeware. You will have 30 days from the moment you get the client installed.

Penny Backup Client Details / Top Features

Although the client will only run on a Windows PC at this time, it does cover almost every flavor of Windows XP/SP3 and newer. It does support both 32 and 64 bit. Asigra technology is the base of the client operation, and here are a few of the highlights:

  • Flat rate, ability to determine how much you need.
  • Scheduling supported, very configurable.
  • Back up set: Default set is great for the average home user, otherwise set these up to your liking.
  • Backup frequency: 2, 3 times p/day…more? You decide.
  • Versioning and incremental back ups. And, you get to say how long to keep the old versions…or how many.
  • As many PC’s as you want, networked storage devices, whatever you need to backup.

Penny Backup Product Installation

After we received the link in our email, it was a simple matter to get the download we needed and in a short few minutes we were installing the client. The Install Wizard guided us through the entire setup process, and soon we were picking our selected test files to be backed up. The backup uploading will go as fast as your internet connection allows, and you will be allowed to set the schedules. If you would like, you can even schedule a technician to be on the live chat while you install the client to help you with the process.

Penny Backup Backup Process Overview

Our internet connection got pretty busy for a few minutes while the initial backup of our test files was uploaded, but as we didn’t want to spend too much time letting the program dominate the connection, we opted for a few at first and then a few later. After all the initial backups were finished, the program slipped into the background, and quietly took care of the files we were changing.

Penny Backup Restore Process Overview

Restoring will be a little more complicated that most other backup services usually are…especially if the computer the backups are for is damaged, or you can’t get it to boot. If it will, it’s as easily done as starting the client, browsing to the files you need, select the version you would like, then download it. If your computer is stole, damaged, or won’t start the client for some reason, you can contact them through a form on their website, and they will guide you through the restoring process.

Penny Backup Sharing Capabilities

The client can be installed on as many machines as you wish to install it on, and you can back up as many files from the machines as your purchased space will allow. Security measures will give each machine you put in the network a specialized encryption key that identifies that machine. But, every machine will have access to all the files you have stored there. There is no sharing of your files through their service otherwise.

Penny Backup Privacy / Data Protection

There are 3 levels of encryption to select from, and plenty of other security to make you feel safe from intrusions. Here’s how Asigra’s security technology works:

  • AES 128, 192, or 256 bit encryption. With this you will set up an 8,16, or 32 character password. This encryption key is only the first of four numbers you are going to need.
  • Your Account Key. This account key will work on any of the computers you have the client running on.
  • Licensing File. This is a file that is unique to the computer. It is stored in a spot in the computer that won’t be happened on by the casual user.
  • An account licensing file will also be stored on your computer that is unique to your account.

They also use additional security measures. Your files will be mirrored in 2 separate locations, to reduce the possibility of hardware failures and software glitches preventing you from accessing your files or their getting damaged.

Penny Backup Support Options

Their main support option seems to be email. They do have a FAQ, but this is limited to 2 questions: “When will you bill my credit card?” and “Do I need to install any special software to use Penny Backup?” After they answered these two questions they directed us to their support form page.

Penny Backup Common Problems

As with most backup services the main problem seemed to be the amount of time the initial backup process takes, and the licenses. We didn’t have any problems with the client, but we didn’t try contacting support about recovery on a different machine.

Penny Backup vs. The Competition

While their software is free, and easy to use, there are other providers that make it a little easier to recover from a massive failure. It is hard to find someone that can match the prices though, charging by how much you use is a novel idea…and their willingness to haggle a little over the price of massive amounts of storage space is nice. Others would allow more sharing, but if security is a major concern, this reduces the number of possible intrusions.

Penny Backup Company Information

Penny Backup is a division of Storage Guardian, a company that has more than 25 years experience in the data storage and security industry. They provide storage and backup solutions to thousands of top level corporations, and now are providing the same for the home users and small business through Penny Backup.

Penny Backup Conclusion

We were impressed with their pricing plans. The ability to only purchase the GB’s we needed was nice. Where we were disappointed was with the ability to share, which didn’t exist. If security is a concern, and sharing isn’t, then this shouldn’t be a problem. For a bare bones, cheap service, we recommend you check them out.