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SafeCopy Online Backup Review

SafeCopy Online Backup Intro / What is SafeCopy Online Backup?

A small company founded by CirrusApps LLC, they have started their business recently using proprietary software and clients that have been proven globally in the industry. So far the company is aiming at the U.S. Based customer and using several methods to get them, pricing, service, and free access.

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SafeCopy Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Their pricing plans are simple, and there are two. The first one is a 200 GB plan that will cost you $50 per year. The second plan covers 300 GB of storage and will run $70 per year, simple. When you pay for 2, 3, or 4 years at one time there are 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts respectively. The onus of only being able to backup 1 computer or device for each account doesn’t exist here either. Backup and share the files all you want.

SafeCopy Free Trial

An excellent incentive to just try their service is the free 3 GB account. There aren’t any time limits or functional limits on this, use it as long as you want to, any way you want to, is what they are advertising.

SafeCopy Client Details / Top Features

The control panel is a very simple matter. It has speed limiter controls, and you can pause and resume the backup process. You have easy access to all the web interface, where you will find all your files backed up in quick order if you don’t slow the client upload speed down a bit. If you want to keep the initial process of uploading your backup files then leave it on fast, it will take full advantage of whatever connection you have available, but when you slow it down you won’t even notice it running in the background..

SafeCopy Product Installation

With only a 7 MB installer, the exe for Windows downloaded fast for us. The installation went well and there weren’t any hang-ups. At one point during the install you will be asked for email, name, etc., but no financial information, not even a credit card. Once installed the control panel opened up a web interface where we eventually saw our files stored.

SafeCopy Backup Process Overview

The initial set of files that the client will back up is a good package of the standard files, but if you store any of the pics, music, or other files anywhere else, you will have to point them out for the program, but once this is done you won’t have to repeat the action, the client will maintain a watch for the file to change, then it will back up the changes incrementally. To save on your bandwidth and storage space available.

SafeCopy Restore Process Overview

There is a tool called WebDAV to access your files and transfer them using the web interface, or you can log into your account, then find the files you need, then simply copy paste them. You will be able to archive your backups too, so restoring to a specific date or version will also be possible.

SafeCopy Sharing Capabilities

Sharing is simple for users, you can just right click a file and select the share, this can both be done from the web interface and in the client. You will be asked for the person’s email address, then a link to your shared file will be sent along with a password for access. You can also set the password to expire, either in 1 day, 1 week, or leave it unlimited. You can also give permissions for uploading and changing files.

SafeCopy Privacy / Data Protection

Uploads are done using 128 bit encryption, and stored on the servers using 448 bit encryption, the highest level of data security today. The servers are certified to be DSS compliant, and the operate under the SAS 70 Type II requirements.

SafeCopy Support Options

A client this simple, with as few options to configure as it has, has very few support tickets. There are forums, where everyone is friendly, and helpful, and tutorial videos, but the main part of the support we found lies in their email.

SafeCopy Common Problems

There were almost no posts in their troubleshooting section of the forum. A couple that had to do with installing the client on a Mac. Others noted were a connection issue, and file sharing issues.

SafeCopy Versus The Competition

If compared to the likes of Mozy, and Carbonite, the free storage wins every time. Pricing with this upstart is excellent, and while there are few support options, we have experienced very few issues with the client ourselves. If a person is looking for affordable online backup, then this is one to take a closer look at.

SafeCopy Company Information

A child of the CirrusApps LLC this company was formed by a conglomeration of IT professionals that decided to bring their collective talents to the table. Collectively they have worked on solutions for more than 4,000 organizations, and have satisfied more than 250,000 with their knowledge.

SafeCopy Product Conclusion

This is a “set it and forget it” program. Simplistic in the control, form, and function, the team at SafeCopy has built a client that while there aren’t many options available for the user, there aren’t very many needed. We recommend SafeCopy to our friends with more short term memory issues for the autopilot in the client, too.

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SafeCopy Online Backup

Editor Rating
4.5 stars
General Info
Best Price8
Storage Space100 GB
Free Trial 3GB
Free Plan Yes Free Plan Available 3GB
Backup Speed Fast
Single Plan Yes Single Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Multi. Plan No Multiple Computer Backup Plan Available No
Enterprise Plan No Enterprise / Business Computer Backup Plans Available No
Started 2009

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Supported OS
WindowsWindows OS Not Supported No
MacOSXMacOsX Not Supported No
Linux Linux Not Supported No
iOS/iPhone iPhone Not Supported No
Android Android Not Supported No

Backup Features
SchedulerScheduler Not Supported No
Versioningversioning Not Supported No
Bandwith Adj. bandwidth Not Supported No
Idle Backup idlebackup Not Supported No

Support Options
Email Supportemailsupport Not Supported No
Phone Supportphonesupport Not Supported No
Live Chat livechatsupport Not Supported No
FAQ faqsupport Not Supported No
Blog blogsupport Not Supported No
KnowledgeBase kbsupport Not Supported No
Tutorials tutorialsupport Not Supported No
Video Tutorials vidtutorialsupport Not Supported No

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Backup File Access
Web Accesswebaccess Not Supported No
iPhone Accessphoneaccess Not Supported No
FTP Access ftpaccess Not Supported No

Sharing Capabilities
File Sharingfilesharing Not Supported No
Send Big Filessendbigfiles Not Supported No
Share Photos sendphotos Not Supported No

File Restore Options
Web Downloadwebdownload Not Supported No
Software Restoresoftwarerestore Not Supported No
Zip File zipfile Not Supported No
FTP Restore ftprestore Not Supported No
Physical Media physicalmedia Not Supported No

Privacy / File Security
Encryptionencryption Not Supported No
SSL Transfersssltransfers Not Supported No
Server Farms serverfarms Not Supported No

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