SafeSync Online Storage Review

Trend Micro, a company providing anti-virus and security solutions for both home and business, has merged with SafeSync, to provide customers with a safe, reliable, and highly versatile backup and file syncing solution. If you want to back up an entire HDD, networked drive, or just a couple of files with special pics, they are attempting to make the process of backing up and recovery as simple and painless as possible. They have both a web interface and a local client available, using both you will be able to back your material up immediately, or on a schedule. They have facilities to back up as many as 3 computers, and you will be able to retrieve your files from anywhere you can access the internet. They also support all types of mobile devices, maintain version for you, and since Trend Micro was security oriented in the beginning of this love affair, your files will be safe from unwanted intrusions.

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SafeSync Pricing/Plans/Coupons

Trend Micro has kept the SafeSync price tiers fairly simple for folks, although you will only have the option of purchasing annual accounts. Here’s How it works and what you’ll get with the purchase.

  • SafeSync20 – 20 GB storage – $39.95 annually.
  • SafeSync50- 50 GB of storage – $89.95 annually.
  • SafeSync100 – 100 GB of storage – $149.95 annually.

With your aid account you will get web access, the client, ability to sync files on up to 3 computers, previous file versions, sharing, mobile access, and access from any web browser in the world. The only limitations they place on you is the amount of data you can store, and that is ultimately determined by you.

SafeSync Free Trial

They have a 30 day trial account for your convenience, to test drive the service. You will be given an account that has no handicaps, disabled features, or limitations, excepting the time limitations. No credit card is required, all you need is a good e-mail account, and you are on your way.

SafeSync Client Details/Top Features

The SafeSync client is an easy download, and the installation went as expected. It will run on most any Windows XP or newer computer, Mac is also supported, though they no mention of Linux support. They have apps to allow access from Apple and Android mobile devices, and if this isn’t enough to make the grade, there are a whole host of web browsers that are supported. Here are a few of the more outstanding features:

  • Syncing – Up to 3 computers or devices can have the client installed, and real time updating of your files.
  • Versioning – Old versions of your files will be kept, unless you directthe client otherwise, just in case of mistakes or accidental deletion.
  • Access anywhere, any time – From virtually every popular web browser used on the internet today.
  • Sharing Supported – Simple file sharing is supported through either custom links to the file, e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Security – SafeSync’s parent company, Trend Micro, specializes in internet security and anti-virus, so your files and data will be completely secured from the moment you sign up.

SafeSync Product Installation

As we said earlier, the download was fast, and installation on our Windows XP SP3 test machine went off without a hitch. Once installed, the default set of files to be backed up was the most commonly selected files, Documents, Music and Pictures were included in the default set. Going into advanced mode will allow yo to pick and choose which files to back up, and you can even store copies of entire partitions, or networked drives.

SafeSync Backup Process Overview

Of course, the initial backup may take a while depending on the amount of data you need to upload. Uploading occurs in the background, and didn’t interfere with our other activities too terribly much. After the initial backup, versioning is used to keep the files up to date. Meaning that your uploads will be much smaller and faster after the initial backup, and all the backup activities are automated, so you can just set-it-and-forget-it. Even with the automation and real-time monitoring, you can use the scheduler if you don’t want your machine, or connection overloaded.

SafeSync Restore Process Overview

Restoring files is easily accomplished either from the client or a browser. Simply select the file from the client or browser, then opt to download it. Since versioning is used for the backup process, make sure that you have the correct version of the file you need, as they keep every version stored until you delete it. You can place it either to the original location, or to your desktop to be placed in the correct place.

SafeSync Sharing Capabilities

File sharing is becoming more and more popular these days, so this is a major feature of SafeSync. Simply right click on any file then select “Get a sharable link” from the context menu, and then choose how you want to pass the file around. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or e-mail, it’s easily accomplished.

SafeSync Privacy / Data Protection

Industry standard 256 bit AES encryption is used for file transfers, so there won’t be any funny business when your files are on the way. And their data center is a former gold vault of the Bank of England. With measure like this you know your data will be safe. The servers have firewalls for protection, and SafeSync also uses mirrors and redundant networks, just in case one of the servers gets infected or hacked.

SafeSync Support Options

This is where the real fun begins. With your account you will get support in the form of e-mail, FAQ’s, a massive knowledge base, and if you still haven’t solved any possible problems you are having there is always the trusty support ticket, and a live chat that operates at specific hours. There is another option though with Trend Micro, they have extended service plans. With these plans you can have 24/7 chat support, remote assistance, and even have them do the data recovery for you.

SafeSync Common Problems

We experienced zero incidents, but we sent a sampler question to their support, and received an answer just short of an hour, so if you do have a problem that isn’t covered in any of their FAQ’s, or tutorials, you won’t have to wait long.

SafeSync vs. The Competition

While the client is a little rough around the edges, the performance is okay. We weren’t particularly impressed with the download speeds when getting large files, but if smaller files are selected, or downloading is done in increments, the speed improves. There are fancier looking clients on the market, and their per GB cost is just a little higher than other providers, like Sugar Sync, and Sugar Sync’s client is a little nicer looking.

SafeSync Company Information

SugarSync was acquired by Trend Micro recently and they have continued working with their customers to improve the service. Based in Tokyo, Japan, they have more than 4,000 employees, and shares are traded publicly. Before SafeSync, the company’s main guise was in internet security and antivirus software development.

Our Conclusion On SafeSync

This is a pretty good service, in all. There are cheaper services, but we would recommend that you compare the features, security, and overall value against their competitors. If you find some of their features aren’t offered by others, and you can live with the cost of having them, then by all means, get a free trial account and check them out.