SOS Online Backup Review

This is one of the older of the online backup companies today. Established in 2001 they have become a leading provider globally for online back up and syncing solutions. They have data centers worldwide and have managed to gain the respect and business of millions of small, medium and large businesses and IT managed services.

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SOS Online Backup Pricing / Plans / Coupons

For the home user packages start at 50 GB and cost $79.95 as a yearly fee, though with this account there isn’t a monthly payment option. The 100 GB home package will cost you $9.95 per month, but only $99.95 per year. Business owners can purchase security starting at 10 GB for $120 per year, all the way up to 250 GB for $99.95 per month. With business accounts monthly payment options start at the 50 GB tier also.

SOS Online Backup Free Trial

They do have a 14 day free trial that requires no credit cards. One other limitation of the trial is a limited (50 GB) storage space for you. In the trial software we found no other limitations.

SOS Online Backup Client Details / Top Features

Plain and straight forward. Ease of use was in the developers mind, but then with the ease of use you lose valuable configuration details that you may want to control. Speed was not configurable, but we found that there wasn’t any problem with the client being a bandwidth hog. Scheduling is possible through the client though. And though we looked for more configuration for the client, we didn’t find anything apparent. They do allow unlimited versioning in their archives, and a local backup can be set up by the client. There are also apps that allow most major mobile devices to work with the files you have backed up.

SOS Online Backup Product Installation

The client installed without any issues of any kind. Pointing it to the files we wanted to back up was easy, and scheduling was also easy, once we found out where it was. The 14 day trial is the same client as the full product, and while the uploads didn’t interfere with our bandwidth too much, the initial upload did go pretty fast.

SOS Online Backup Backup Process Overview

After the initial backup, which was pretty fast for us, backups only occur on the files that get modified between scheduled backups. Meaning that not everything gets uploaded every time, just the stuff that has changed since your last backup. This keeps the file transfers small, and quick.

SOS Online Backup Restore Process Overview

The restore process can be handled through their client or through their web console. For any number of files or all of them you will be able to select the final landing spot for the files you are restoring, too. With what they refer to as their “Time Machine” you will be able to restore files to the exact version that you need. They will archive all your files all the way back to your beginning with them.

SOS Online Backup Sharing Capabilities

Sharing is simple using their email system for access. With their system, the person you will be sharing the file or folder with will get an email giving them a link and log in information. It’s as simple as a right click of the mouse.

SOS Online Backup Privacy / Data Protection

Security happens in 3 phases with your data. First your computer will encrypt the file with 256 bit encryption, then your file id transferred while encrypted via 128 bit SSL to the server, then the file is once again encrypted using 1024 bit encryption while being stored.

SOS Online Backup Support Options

Support isn’t scarce with SOS. In the client you will find a help tab and under the tab are links to all of their support systems. Email, forum, toll free numbers, and live online chat, and the forum is an active one, for sure.

SOS Online Backup Common Problems

We had no problems installing and running this client. Everything worked as it should. The one issue we had was configurability, we enjoy being able to tweak the very last ounce of strength from our software and hardware. If there are very many problems, we couldn’t tell it from the looks of their forum, as almost all of the problems were marked as solved, though there were a few feature requests.

SOS Online Backup Versus The Competition

For simplicity, this one can’t easily be beat. There are more configurable clients, and better trial access offers, but for the simplicity and ease of use, this one gets our vote.

SOS Online Backup Company Information

Started in 2001 this is one of the oldest and largest online backup companies in existence today. They have 11 data centers located globally, including Asia, Europe, and the U.S. This keeps your backed up data close at hand for quick downloads. They have won both PC, and Laptop Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Awards, for 3 years in a row for PC mag.

SOS Online Backup Product Conclusion

Even though we couldn’t control all the parameters that we wanted to the client worked extremely well. Backup uploads were fast, and required little effort on our part. This is another service we would recommend to our readers that wish to do less, and get more action.

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