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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Intro / What is Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery?

Here at BackupReviewz we have maintained focus on how to keep from losing precious data to disaster through the use of frequent backups. Often the back-up service is an online venue where you can store and recover these important files. But, this review is of software designed to recover data after it is lost, whether through hardware failure, accidental deletion, or even the event of a disk being reformatted. The software “Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery,” (SPDR,) promises that data from cd’s email, HDDs, SD cards, and USB thumb drives can be recovered in many cases.

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Intro: What Is Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

It isn’t often that one of our editors needs to get back files that have been lost to unfortunate occurrences, but there are times that we assist our readers, (or families,) recover from a data loss, but in cases where backup copies of the lost data aren’t available, software like Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery can save the day. We tried it out, and while we didn’t have the time to test every function that the software has to offer, we have tried out the functions that we find ourselves in need of most often, and have been quite pleased with our results.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Plans/Prices/Deals

There are three levels of the software: SPDR Home, SPDR Pro, and SPDR Tech. Prices start at $49 for the SPDR Home, the Pro version starts at $99, and the Tech version starts at $299. While users will find the SPDR Home version an adequate tool, the more advanced recovery tools of the Pro or Tech versions will be necessary for RAW data, email, optical media, and working with RAID drives. Stellar Phoenix also has several other backup and recovery packages that can be added into your purchase, and with the Tech version, Mac and Linux Data Recovery can be included.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Free Trial

All downloads of SPDR will allow you to install and run the program, but will only allow you to see the files that the scan uncovered. If you would like to save or recover the files you will have to purchase a license. Both online and manual activation of the client are possible, using the activation codes sent to you via email.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Client Details/Features

After a small download and install, we were ready to start scanning everything we could find for deleted files. The tech version we used had a simple, easy to use interface that gave immediate access to the tools most probably needed. From the main interface you will also be able to access advanced options and recover data from an image that may have been previously created. Once you select an operation to engage, you will be given more advanced options for that function.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Installation/Platforms

After a short download the installer ran without any troubles. Activation wasn’t any trouble as we were online, so we didn’t have the opportunity to manually activate the client. There are clients for virtually any OS you may be using so be careful not to download the wrong platform. Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, and (surprisingly,) even Novel.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Application Overview

There is a long list of platforms that SPDR can run on, so make sure to get the correct version for the Operating System you will be using it on. We have used the Windows, Linux, and Mac versions with a lot of success recovering the files we “accidentally” deleted via recycle bin, reformatting, and even an old disk that couldn’t be read by the usual means anymore. In every instance we attempted recovery we were successful.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Support

Support was always quick and efficient. There’s 24 hour online chat support, an extensive knowledge base, and support ticket through email. We didn’t have any real troubles with SPDR, but did call on support both through their online chat and email support ticket with excellent results.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Vs. The Competition

There are a lot of data recovery tools available today, many of them free. But when the free tools available don’t work, we can almost certainly guarantee that SPDR will be able to get the files you have lost or damaged.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Company Info

Stellar Data Recovery has been in business since 1993, and has a complete set of tools to get the data recovery job done. And, if you don’t trust yourself with the recovery, they and also do the recovery for you. Their software has a 30 day money back guarantee, and if they are doing the work, if nothing is recovered there is no charge to you. They have offices in Europe, the US, and Asia, and more than 2 million happy customers.

Our Thoughts On Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

There are cheaper, (and even free,) recovery tools that can recover most common files. But, if these don’t work for you, you would rather someone else, (an expert,) did it, or you are often trying to recover files and databases, the expense is well worth the money spent.

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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Editor Rating
5 stars
General Info
Best Price8
Storage Space
Free Trial Preview of recoverable files
Free Plan No Free Plan Available No
Backup Speed
Single Plan Yes Single Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Multi. Plan No Multiple Computer Backup Plan Available No
Enterprise Plan Yes Enterprise / Business Computer Backup Plans Available Yes
Started 1993

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Supported OS
WindowsWindows OS Supported Yes
MacOSXMacOsX Supported Yes
Linux Linux Supported Yes
iOS/iPhone iPhone Supported Yes
Android Android Supported Yes

Backup Features
SchedulerScheduler Not Supported No
Versioningversioning Not Supported No
Bandwith Adj. bandwidth Not Supported No
Idle Backup idlebackup Not Supported No

Support Options
Email Supportemailsupport Supported Yes
Phone Supportphonesupport Not Supported No
Live Chat livechatsupport Supported Yes
FAQ faqsupport Supported Yes
Blog blogsupport Supported Yes
KnowledgeBase kbsupport Supported Yes
Tutorials tutorialsupport Not Supported No
Video Tutorials vidtutorialsupport Not Supported No

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Backup File Access
Web Accesswebaccess Not Supported No
iPhone Accessphoneaccess Not Supported No
FTP Access ftpaccess Not Supported No

Sharing Capabilities
File Sharingfilesharing Not Supported No
Send Big Filessendbigfiles Not Supported No
Share Photos sendphotos Not Supported No

File Restore Options
Web Downloadwebdownload Not Supported No
Software Restoresoftwarerestore Supported Yes
Zip File zipfile Not Supported No
FTP Restore ftprestore Not Supported No
Physical Media physicalmedia Supported Yes

Privacy / File Security
Encryptionencryption Not Supported No
SSL Transfersssltransfers Not Supported No
Server Farms serverfarms Not Supported No

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