SugarSync Online Backup Review

SugarSync is an online backup and syncing service that provides cloud storage and synchronization for all your documents, pics, and files. They have a very active community, and also provide for the mobile users among their customers. Their customer bas is made up of bothe the home user and businesses, so larger organizations can benefit from their services as well.

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SugarSync Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Their home users can get 30 GB of storage for their files for just $4.99 per month, and the tiers go all the way up to 250 GB for $24.99. The business users can expect to get 100 GB of storage for 3 users for a mere $24.99 with additional storage costing $24.99 for each 100 GB and $9.99 for each additional user.

SugarSync Free Trial

SugarSync has a 5 Gb unlimited free plan for those who haven’t decided if cloud storage is for them or not. The freebie will give you automatic backups and file syncing, and free mobile applications to assist you in your backup, sharing, and downloads. Once registered and verified you can earn additional storage by just completing tasks on their website. Each task pays 125 MB, and there are 6 of them for a total of 725 MB extra.

SugarSync Client Details / Top Features

The client is clean, and very much had the feel of the Windows Explorer. Adding files is easy via drag and drop or the right click context menu. The configuration is strangely weak, considering the rest of the client and service. Their website interface is great though. File sharing, mobile files, archives, can all be accessed through their web interface. The recovery of accidentally deleted files is possible too in both the desktop client and the web interface. Uploads went quickly, and file selection for the back ups is easily done. Devices can be added both in the client and on the web.

SugarSync Product Installation

The EXE is only a 14 MB download, and our installation went without any issues. For a desktop environment you will need either a Windows or a Mac machine. For web access I.E. 7 or better is needed, but Firefox, Chrome, and Safari will work also. Initial configuration was handled automatically via the installer, though the default set of files to be backed up was limited to out C: drive. This problem was easily handled by selecting add additional files to be backed up, and deselecting the ones we didn’t want backed up.

SugarSync Backup Process Overview

While connection speeds and scheduling is configurable, the client will only let you go so far. The backup processes can be sped up or slowed down as you like, but you may want to slow things down a bit from the start to reduce bandwidth hogging during the initial backup process.

SugarSync Restore Process Overview

Restoring files is easily accomplished either using the client of web interface. You just select the file you want to restore, (or all if you need them,) and click replace file. The files will be replaced to their original location, or any location you choose.

SugarSync Sharing Capabilities

As the name implies, syncing computers is easy with this service, and can be done across as many computers as you need to. File sharing is just as easily accomplished, either through their internet site or using the SugarSync client. Most every types of mobile device is supported, along with their free apps.

SugarSync Privacy / Data Protection

They provide for security through SSL 3.3 transfers that use the latest, TLS, a new handshake protocol, and 128 bit encryption. All shared files can be password protected or made open to the public.

SugarSync Support Options

Through their customer support portal you will have a variety of options to choose from. They have an assortment of video tutorials that will have you up and running in no time, community support, e-mail, and for those that can’t wait, there’s live chat.

SugarSync Common Problems

The most common problems we noticed in their forums revolved around sharing files and folders using mobile devices. It seems that this problem was with a server, and was resolved quickly. There weren’t many open support requests to speak of. And, our installation went easily, and hasn’t had any problems since the install.

SugarSync Versus The Competition

For the sizes of packages offered for the price you pay, SugarSync stands out over their nearest competition, Mozy. There are other online backup services out there that offer more storage space for their free trial offers, but theirs would have time limits attached. So far, the 5 GB free storage is about the best offering out there, then they made things better with added the luxury of being able to sync your files across the web.

SugarSync Company Information

A 7 year old company that specializes in online and cloud solutins for companies that are always connected. Their headquarters is in San Mateo Ca.

SugarSync Product Conclusion

We’re recommending these guys just for the fact that they are handing out more in freebies than any other online backup service is. Their support options are good, and the client, while minimal, does a great job of doing it’s job. The syncing and file sharing are an added value that this service gives away, but then you probably already knew that.

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