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UpdateStar Online Backup 3 Review

UpdateStar Online Backup 3 Intro / What is UpdateStar Online Backup 3?

UpdateStar is a company that promises to “Simplify Your Software Life, so we thought we would see how easy they make it to back up our system. The client, Online Backup 3, provides the user with security before, during, and after the files are transferred, using what they call Hybrid Protection. File compression is supported within the client, they allow unlimited storage, and uses incremental backups, maintaining versions for the last 30 days if you want. It can be set up for scheduling to keep from interfering with your internet needs, and will even back up entire disks, even external drives. There are a lot of other features and tools within the client, we’ll discuss those a little farther in.

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UpdateStar Online Backup Pricing/Plans/Coupons

They offer several levels of service, they have Home use, Home office and Corporate, and Server licenses. Here’s a rundown of each of the services and costs:

  • The Home User account: For $5.95 p/mo, or $59.95 annually. This package includes the client, unlimited storage, 1 PC, and has a “Home User” profile.
  • The Business account: Costs $14.10 p/mo, or $169 annually. This one gives you 1 computer per license, (optional additional licenses are available,) and a “Business User” profile.
  • The Server accounts: $42 p/mo, or starts at $999 annually. Storage amount starts at 100 GB, 1 server per license, and this will carry a “Business Users” profile.

Server accounts can obtain additional storage, and additional discounts. Check their website for additional details. You can purchase your account via phone, or online. They accept virtually every form of credit and debit cards, and Paypal. Once you have paid for the service they will send you a license key in your email.

UpdateStar Online Backup Client Details/Top Features

There are so many features to this client, we cannot list them all. As per norm, we will list the most important, and best features and functions.

  • Hybrid Protection: The client encrypts your data using 256 bit Rijndael encryption before it ever leaves your location. Then 128 bit, (the same as financial institutions use,) encryption us used during the transfer. Finally, it will be stored on their servers in the encrypted form, and secured by your password.
  • Unlimited storage. Unless you are backing up a server.
  • Data centers are mirrored, both hardware wise and software.
  • Incremental backups, and versioning supported for up to 30 days.
  • Transferable licenses, to move the backup to your new machine.
  • Scheduling. Just “Set-it-and-forget-it.”

UpdateStar Online Backup Product Installation

UpdateStar presently only runs on Windows XP or newer, Server 2008 R2, Server 2008, and 2003. There are versions for both 32 and 64 bit flavors, but you are going to need a minimum of 512 MB RAM, and a PIII. Downloading is easy and quick. The link was easy to find, just make sure to select the correct version, and the download was only 8.3 MB. It comes in an installer package that will automatically take care of every single detail when you double click on it then agree to the license.

UpdateStar Online Backup Backup Process Overview

The client’s default backup set are the most common files that people would want backed up. So if you don’t want a long backup process, or there are files you don’t want backed up, you will be able to deselect them using the Settings tab. You will also be able to set the days and hours of the backups, and uploading.

UpdateStar Online Backup Restore Process Overview

From the client you will be able to either restore an entire backup, or you can select individual files to be restored from your latest backup. If you would like to restore an older version, this can be done by selecting to select individual files. You will be able to tell the client where you want the files you are restoring, by default though, the client will download them to the desktop.

UpdateStar Online Backup Privacy/Data Protection

From the first moment you sign up for an account with UpdateStar you can feel secure. They will send you a private key in your email that insure no access to your files will happen, then before your data leaves your PC, it will be encrypted with 256 bit encryption. Transfers are done using 128 bit encrypted tunneling, and the files are stored on the server in their original encrypted form. The data centers are secured by both physical and electronic surveillance. Redundant servers insure against hardware failure and network failure.

UpdateStar Online Backup Support Options

They have email and FAQ’s available. If you are a free or evaluation user, they have a special email, and there is also a Windows 7 section to the FAQ. You will also have the option of making your issue a Support Team priority with Premium Support, an option we didn’t try. Datasheets are available for those that can use them, and there are good troubleshooting guides in them. They are PDF downloads.

UpdateStar Online Backup Common Problems

According to their website, the top three support questions were:

  • I can’t find my product license.
  • Why does the first online backup take so long?
  • I updated a software product, and the product keeps showing out of date. Why?

Answers to these questions can be found in their support section, and their solutions are easy to follow instructions. Using the datasheet troubleshooting guide, most every question can be handled.

UpdateStar Online Backup vs. The Competition

The Online Backup 3 software was nice looking, as nice as many of the high end services. And the Client worked well for us on our XP/SP3 test machine, using few resources, and operating in the background. It didn’t interfere with our normal daily surfing habits, though the initial backup set could take a long time to upload. Other services charge more for far fewer features, but in the long run they can hold a candle to the likes of Carbonite.

UpdateStar Online Backup Company Information

The company UpdateStar has several software offerings, ranging from parsers, to Windows cleanup, to their Online Backup 3. Their main vice seems to be backing up though. They are headquartered in Berlin, with servers being in several worldwide locations. They keep their software up-to-date, and issue updates often to help maintain the security of their customers.

Our Conclusion On UpdateStar Online Backup

We were impressed with the looks of the client. WE would have liked to see more configuration options, such as speed limits on the uploading, but felt that the scheduler would suffice to keep the upload and backup processes out of our way. If you are looking for online backup , compare these guys to some of the others, and let your own needs guide you. They do have the free trial, so there won’t any losses.

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UpdateStar Online Backup 3

Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price$5.96 monthly to $999 annually
Storage SpaceAccount dependant, unlimited
Free Trial No Free trial
Free Plan No Free Plan Available No
Backup Speed Upload and download good
Single Plan Yes Single Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Multi. Plan Yes Multiple Computer Backup Plan Available Yes
Enterprise Plan Yes Enterprise / Business Computer Backup Plans Available Yes

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Supported OS
WindowsWindows OS Supported Yes
MacOSXMacOsX Not Supported No
Linux Linux Not Supported No
iOS/iPhone iPhone Not Supported No
Android Android Not Supported No

Backup Features
SchedulerScheduler Supported Yes
Versioningversioning Supported Yes
Bandwith Adj. bandwidth Not Supported No
Idle Backup idlebackup Not Supported No

Support Options
Email Supportemailsupport Supported Yes
Phone Supportphonesupport Not Supported No
Live Chat livechatsupport Not Supported No
FAQ faqsupport Supported Yes
Blog blogsupport Not Supported No
KnowledgeBase kbsupport Supported Yes
Tutorials tutorialsupport Not Supported No
Video Tutorials vidtutorialsupport Not Supported No

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Backup File Access
Web Accesswebaccess Supported Yes
iPhone Accessphoneaccess Not Supported No
FTP Access ftpaccess Not Supported No

Sharing Capabilities
File Sharingfilesharing Not Supported No
Send Big Filessendbigfiles Supported Yes
Share Photos sendphotos Not Supported No

File Restore Options
Web Downloadwebdownload Supported Yes
Software Restoresoftwarerestore Supported Yes
Zip File zipfile Supported Yes
FTP Restore ftprestore Not Supported No
Physical Media physicalmedia Not Supported No

Privacy / File Security
Encryptionencryption Supported Yes
SSL Transfersssltransfers Supported Yes
Server Farms serverfarms Supported Yes

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