ZipCloud Online Storage Review

This is a simple back-up and storage solution for all types of computers and devices. Anything from Mac’s, PC’s, and even mobile devices can be backed up. They offer secure file transfers, complete automation so you won’t have to mess with it after the initial set up, and unlimited cloud storage for any number, or size, of file. The client uses versioning, so the first time you upload your back-up files will be the only time it will be huge. After the initial upload, the client will monitor your files and only upload what is needed to keep your files up-to-date. They allow syncing on multiple devices and computers, and since it’s fully automated, you can take the position of “Set it and forget it.”

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Zip Cloud Pricing / Plans / Coupons

Zip Cloud storage service is highly affordable at $4.95 per month when paying 2 years in advance, and they offer a free trial account for people to just check them out. If you opt to pay monthly, the cost is still low, just $9.95 per month. Other discounts are available for those paying on a 6 month and 12 month basis. They have a 30 day refund policy, no haggles, and you can cancel at any time, presently they accept most forms of credit card, and Paypal.

Zip Cloud Free Trial

The trial is 14 days, and limited to only 15 MB of storage, but this will be enough to let you know if this is the service for you. Registration requires no credit card, but you will need to give them an e-mail address, and confirm the registration from there. You will then be directed to download their application for the service and then install it.

Zip Cloud Client Details / Top Features

Presently Zip Cloud only supports Windows XP and newer, and Mac OSX, but there are applications for your favorite portable devices, and plans for a Linux version They cover Blackberry, iPhone, Androids, and many other devices. They will allow you to back-up, remotely manage, edit or view, and download previous versions of your files if you need them. To use a mobile it is as easy as accessing the website from the mobile device and log into your account. Here are a few more of the bigger features of this client:

  • Drag and drop now supported, with the ability to place the file in the queue where you want it.
  • Very advances scheduler. You can select specific dates, for backing and not backing up your files.
  • Backups supported in power saver mode, and even while idle.
  • R. click context menu that allows for instant backup or queuing.
  • Private sharing in folders via secured links.
  • Referral program for your Facebook friends and for regular purchasers.

When they first went live they only had the Windows version, but it didn’t take them long to get their Mac version up-n-running. With that in mind we are predicting that it won’t take very long for them to get the Linux version in the mix.

Zip Cloud Product Installation

Installation was easy, the file downloaded in a matter of moments, we simply clicked on the .exe and followed the prompts. Once installed the client will automatically select a list of the most likely files that you may want backed up. If you don’t want your entire system backed up, then you will need to instruct the client as to which files to back up. By default movies, music, and other files that tend to be large aren’t automatically selected. If you want to back up your MP3’s, .mov, MP4’s etc., you will have to select them for back up. No need for a restart of your machine, and the client will start automatically every time you turn your machine on.

Zip Cloud Backup Process Overview

The very first time you back up your PC could take up to a week, according to Zip Cloud. After this the process is taken care of by monitoring the files to be maintained, and then updating any files that have changed periodically, so after the first time, the process is quite fast. We tested the 15 MB limit on our XP SP/3 machine, and found the process didn’t interfere with our surfing habits any, while the program was running in the background.

Zip Cloud Restore Process Overview

Restoring lost files is as easy as logging into the Zip Cloud website and selecting the files from your list of back-ups. Download will start immediately, simply save the files to your desktop, then replace them where they go after the download process.

Zip Cloud Sharing Capabilities

Syncing is supported, and easy. All you need to do is either drag and drop the file into the Zip Cloud folder, or you can right click on the icon for the file, select Zip Cloud, then select “copy to sync folder.” Then this file will be available to you no matter where you are, just by logging into the Zip Cloud website and downloading it. Sharing of files is allowed and facilitated through Facebook, e-mail, or Twitter.

Zip Cloud Privacy / Data Protection

For transferring your data to their storage facilities Zip Cloud uses 256 bit SSL, the same as banks use. They store your data in mirrored servers, for extra protection against loss, and use the same 256 bit encryption for storing your files. For ordering and paying for the service they use the same SSL, so security of your credit card, or other account data will be insured, and they never store any financial account information except the last 4 digits of the credit card number you give them.

Zip Cloud Support Options

They have an extensive Q&A on their website that will handle most of your questions, but in case it doesn’t, there is a support e-mail system. The client has a help section that will take you to their website Q&A. All our questions were answered promptly, when we sent questions to their support team.

Zip Cloud Common Problems

We encountered no incidents, excepting our tendency to over stuff our test file to more than the 1 GB limit we had.

Zip Cloud vs. The Competition

For the money, the service is one of our highest recommendations. The support team is friendly, the client worked well. Their prices are comparable to other services like MYPCBackup, Carbonite, or Storagepipe, as is the level of service and support.

Zip Cloud Company Information

There are 10 professionals running this operation, that have a lot of combined experience. It is a fairly new company in the online backup scene, but they are coming out with a purpose…domination.

Conclusion On Zip Cloud

We liked the client, liked the service, liked the support, liked the freebie trial account, for a fact there wasn’t much to not like about this online storage company. We have recommended it in the past, and will continue to recommend it in the future.